BEAUTY IS AFFORDABLE, AFTERALL: Facial Mania Spa & Wellness Company Makes Beauty Affordable

A modern Beauty and Wellness Company, Facial Mania Spa & Wellness, is soon bringing great incentives to its customers in the Beauty and Wellness Industry, with their very affordable services, which include facials, Medi-spa services, hair transplant, Himalayan Salt Therapy and fat freezing and Body Treatments. Plus fun and a relaxed atmosphere! This out-of-this-world Beauty and Wellness Company will hit town from the second week of August in a new location at Boca Raton, Addison Place, Texas. Are you looking for that “extra” in your beauty and wellness quest? Then watch out and keep a date with Facial Mania.

Additionally, this revolutionary Beauty and Wellness center will be opening at Addison Place, Boca Raton, FL with an array of beauty wellness services that will blow you away, the amazing services they offer all come at affordable rates of as low as $65 dollars per month, that’s right! I couldn’t believe it either. There services help with Relief from arthritic discomforts, ageing skin, wrinkles, rejuvenation, the aging problem, and help career ladies stay amazing. This just a short list of the extensive health benefits of regular visits to Facial Mania. Check them out Facial Mania Spa & Wellness.

Here are some of their offered services:

SALT THERAPY ROOM: If you haven’t already, you need to come check out the amazing benefits of their salt therapy room.

COSMETIC SURGERY (INVASIVE &NON-INVASIVE): Facial Mania Spa offers a wide variety of cosmetic treatments to give you the beauty you desire. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY! 

FACIAL BEAUTY TREATMENTS: Here at Facial Mania Spa, we are known for our LEGENDARY facial services. Come in and get yours today! Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

FATFREEZING AND BODY TREATMENTS: Affecting every layer from your skin down to your muscle, ultimate in weight-loss experiences. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

Facial Mania Spa equally offers really cool stuff like a $65 membership which you can grab at and as a bonus to our readers I found this Amazing Free Exclusive Gift Card Promotion which is available here (FREE GIFT CARD). With the gift card, your first visit is nearly FREE.

Facial Mania Spa & Wellness upholds beauty and fun to its members, who would also enjoy affordable pricing in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. What else would you ask for? This innovative company seems to have one simple slogan, and that is “AFFORDABLE BEAUTY” – Fun, Beauty and Wellness, combined. It is a promise customers should look forward to. This is going to be AMAZING; I personally can’t wait for my first facial.

About Facial Mania Spa & Wellness:

Facial Mania Spa & Wellness Company is a company that is revolutionizing the beauty industry with AFFORDABLE BEAUTY services. No more spending thousands of dollars for these services when you can grab an affordable membership for as low as $65 and not to mention a FREE CONSULTATION for anything else. We love their high end affordable membership pricing. It is a place seekers of Beauty and Wellness would get that “extra” that makes life more satisfying – with fun, beauty and wellness combined.

For more information visit: or call (561) 562.5621

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