Bean Bags and Especially Chair-Style Bean Bags are Sweeping the Globe in Popularity

From comfort to durability nothing compares to a bean bag furniture piece.  Pliable and durable, bean bags are becoming increasingly popular.  Bean bag chairs, which are full length, are especially in demand.  ComfyBean Bags is a Canadian store in Concord, ON, specializing in bean bags.Bean bags were first used for throwing games, in which a small bean filled pillow was tossed into a container to score points.  This is the reason these are named “bean bags”.  The technology now has expanded to include not only beans, but pellets of all different materials, many using a combination of materials, and even some foam.  These bags can come in all shape and sizes and have many different uses, most of which are to provide relaxation, relieve stress, and save on wear and tear of furniture.  They conform readily to an individual’s body. 

There is such a hectic pace in society now, that the relaxation and comfort of bean bags is needed. 

After a long, hectic, stress-filled day, there is nothing better than sinking into a bean bag, whether it’s a simple neck pillow style, a back-support style, or the most popular of all a full-sized chair style.  The full-sized chair styles allow an individual to just relax their whole body while the chair envelopes them in comfort and allows freedom of movement.  Posture can even improve with a bean bag chair as there are no hard surfaces that force the body into stiff positions.  All styles and sizes do exist with some big enough to allow two users to fit on one and some small enough for toddlers or children of all ages.  After a long day at the office, or of running errands, sitting in a bean bag relaxes the muscles in the back and can indeed assist with posture.

These furniture pieces can also last a lifetime and save wear and tear on other pieces of furniture.

The materials used are generally cotton or some other type of washable material, and therefore stains are easily removed by washing.  Other types are covered in polyurethane and stains are wiped off.  They don’t show wear spots like other types of more solid furniture and can be moved from room to room easily.  Many individuals fall asleep in these chairs, which are the largest offerings and can experience a good night’s sleep in them.  Some of the bean bags are shaped to look like actual pieces of furniture.  They are just softer and more pliable but do resemble an actual standardized chair.

Affordability and versatility are other key features. 

These pieces can be foldableand formed in many different shapes.  They can be large or small, fitting a whole body or just one body part that experiences discomfort.  The possibilities are limitless.  Because they are filled with soft, inexpensive materials and contain no wood or metal parts, they also are much more affordable than standard types of furniture.  The trend towards bean bags of all sizes will continue well into the future as more and more consumers recognize the advantages of these home furnishings. Comfy Bean Bags even offers the latest in these furnishings and has a selection of bags with massage features for further relaxation. 

About Comfy

Comfy Bean Bags is a shop in Concord, ON, specializing in all types of bean bag furnishings and accessories.  They offer everything from neck and leg rests to full-sized bean bag chairs.  They have a website,, a phone number and an email and have a large variety of bean bag offerings.  They are customer service orientedand provide quality at an affordable price.  They also have a blog to keep up with the latest trends in bean bag products.  Massage style bean bag chairs are even available. 

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