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When updating, decorating or renovating a house, there are such a wide range of potential options, particularly for flooring. Increasingly homeowners are opting for the beauty of wood floors, either through hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring, according to taste and budget.

The people at LV Flooring are currently promoting the benefits of laminate flooring to their customers in the North York, Ontario region.

A spokesperson stated “laminate flooring is a much more durable and inexpensive product than many people realise and is suitable for nearly every room in the house. Easy to clean, and with a tough melamine outer layer, our laminate floors, made out of a high-density material, can last for 20 years”.

“As the pattern of the laminate is derived from high-definition photography, almost any look can be created, and as laminate flooring is considerably less expensive than hardwood flooring, something both unique and budget-conscious can be created by quite easily”.

“One advantage of laminate flooring” continued the spokesperson “is that extensive DIY skills are not required in order to fit it. No special tools or materials are required to install laminate flooring, and once any previous carpeting is removed, the simple tongue and groove system means that it is easy to fit individual pieces of laminate flooring together quickly and effectively. It isn’t usually necessary to attach the flooring to the floor beneath it, meaning that if further down the line a homeowner want to change or replace your flooring, it is quick and easy to do so”.

“Laminate flooring is one of the easiest floor surfaces to clean, and most spillages can be simply wiped with a wet mop or cloth, and dust and dirt can be removed with a vacuum or brush as appropriate. Simple felt or nylon protectors can protect the floor from the rigours of furniture, and if part of the floor becomes damaged, it is only necessary to replace the damaged piece of flooring rather than the entire floor, which would be necessary with carpeting”.

The spokesperson continued “with the availability of a free quote and our advice and guidance, customers can buy and install a laminate floor with confidence, knowing that they have a quality product that will last for years, improving the look and value of their home”.

About LV Hardwood Flooring

LV Hardwood Flooring, also known as LV Flooring, are based in North York, Ontario, and are specialists in installing a wide range of different types of flooring. With a particular specialisation in different types of hardwood flooring are also able to install laminate or vinyl flooring as well as providing parts for hardwood and other wooden staircases.

With an emphasis on safety, durability and fulfilling the requirements of their customers, they have developed an outstanding reputation among customers, with an impressive portfolio of projects in the North York area.

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