Bay Area Dentist does Same Day Broken Tooth Replacement at Implants Pro Center

Bay Area’s most sought after dentist, Dr. Mohamed Ali, does Same Day Broken Tooth Replacement at Implants Pro Center

It is very common to get broken teeth while eating, playing sport or other life activities. When the teeth can’t be saved, the preferred treatment is to extract and replace the teeth with a permanent implant. The traditional approach in dental implant treatment is to extract the tooth, fabricate the removable appliance to help the patient maintain the space of extraction and the aesthetic look and wait for a couple of months for the extraction site to heal. After the healing period, the patient will have the surgical placement of the implant, while continue to wear the removable appliance for another 3 to 6 months waiting for the implant fusion with the surrounding bone. This process will total about 6 to 8 months of wearing removable appliance and waiting time to have a tooth attached permanently to the implant.

With modern implant dentistry and good understanding of modern surgical techniques, patients could have fixed tooth attached to an implant on the same day the tooth is extracted. CT-Scans made treatment planning for such emergencies very easy and effective to render a quality treatment with excellent clinical result. This also has an advantage over the traditional approach of implant dentistry. When you place implant on the same day after extraction, and have a tooth attached to that implant, that will help in maintaining the shape of the gums connected to that tooth and keeping the papilla (the triangular gum between the teeth) from resorbing and ending with final restoration with dark triangle between the implant tooth and the natural teeth due to the disappearance of papilla.

This treatment is very conservative in nature and far less traumatic than the traditional approach. Patients could resume normal action and activities on the following day of the extraction and implant surgery. This approach is life changing and provides patients with a whole new world of confidence and happiness.

Dr. Ali has established a solid reputation for excellent dental care services in San Francisco. He offers a range of services including teeth whitening, root canal, invisalign orthodontics and wisdom teeth extraction. Also hailed as a dental implants specialist, Dr. Ali recently received a patent for Meta Implants technology – a procedure that provides patients with immediate replacement of their teeth even if they need a bone grafting procedure.

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