Barnabas Angyer Makes the Dream of Getting Quality Education in America a Reality

Every Student dreams about getting admission in the top-notch universities of the USA, but only a few are able to get a chance to get the top-quality education from the top institutes of America. Barnabas Angyer is one of the very few consultants that has the expertise to help students in getting admission in their dream America Institute.

“Have you always dreamt of studying in an American university, but you are not confident about passing the admission test, or you think that you are not competent enough. I understand at some point in life we all feel this way. If you are a student who is all ready for his/her higher studies, but the lack of guidance is putting you back, then do not worry because I have got your back. Come to me for guidance, and I assure you that you will not only feel confident after my consultation, but you will also successfully pass the embassy test of your dream American University. So, do not put yourself back, you believe in yourself, I assure you that only with a bit of guidance and counseling, you can achieve all that you have always dreamt of”, stated Barnabas Angyer.

Highly educated Barnabas Angyer is a highly trained, professional Admission Counselor. His step by step Study Abroad Consultation has by now helped thousands of students. He has helped them in passing the admission test of America’s best universities, but this is not it because Barnabas Angyer’s professional services have also helped students from all over the world in preparing for the US embassy so that they are able to pass the interview in one go.

His successful recruits include Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Nepal, England, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Barnabas Angyer, also known as Mr. Van has successfully maintained a good record with all his clients around the world for over 6 years now. “I have seen highly competent students not being able to fulfill their dream getting the top-quality education from top-notch American university only because they lack basic guidance. So, if you think you are also in a similar situation, come to your Professional Study Abroad Agent Nigeria and Study abroad agency in Nigeria will not let your dreams shatter”, stated Barnabas Angyer.


Barnabas Angyer is a widely popular and highly trusted admission Counselor, who has helped thousands of students all over the world in getting admission in top-rated American universities and also passing the US embassy interview.

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