Banana Bed 2.0: A perfect treat for Australian summers

October, 2016 – Sunshine Coast – Banana Bed has announced the release of Banana Bed 2.0 across Australia with an amazing summer sale of a 50% discount. The distinguished manufacturer of the most innovative product of the year has announced its new version with a better and stronger design that has many cool features including two new colors. The Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland takes pride in the quality of the work it produces and backs that up with a 12-month warranty. Australia is the only place in the world where Christmas comes in the summers and this bed being the first of its kind on the continent, is a perfect gift for the Australian Christmas.

The ultra-lightweight inflatable bed is portable and doesn’t need an inflation pump like most of its contemporaries. The new colors of Banana Bed are Green, The Goblin, and White, The Migaloo. Blue, pink, yellow and charcoal are already available. Less than a foot-long Subway sandwich, it weighs only 1300 grams. The active material of the bed is the same used in parachutes i.e. 100% Ripstop nylon. Shipping is free and the next day dispatch is also guaranteed. After its first version, the company has perfected the 2.0 version with enhanced durability and strength.

The bed looks like a fresh giant banana and can be used as a boat in the pool. Aussies enjoy their summer to the fullest with hanging out on BBQs and other outdoor activities. It is the perfect pool toy for the water loving Aussies. After the success of its first version, the company has been manufacturing a greater number of the bed in stocks for production to meet the increasing demands of this bed in the Australian market. The innovative design holds a person inside the banana. No pillow is required for this bed as it gives a natural comfort to the spine and the rest of the body. Unlike most inflatable products that are similar to the Banana Bed, this one is mainly designed with a long-lasting comfort in mind and the one year warranty is a confidence behind the design and testing.

The Summer Sale of the bed has introduced a 50% discount on the bed that makes it available only for $69, when the actual price of the bed is $129. The offer also includes free shipping and a year warranty all across Australia. Aussies can avail this offer quickly by using the discount code at checkout ‘BRINGONSUMMER╩╝. Unlike most of its competitors, Banana bed comes at an affordable price and of higher quality.

The bed doesn’t need an air pump as most of the inflatable furniture manufacturers force their customers to buy pumps along with their products, but the banana bed inflates quickly without a pump. Based on the trends online, the potential for this bed is huge in Australia as the similar (version 1) products have always been high in demand. However, the quality of Banana Bed 2.0 is what makes it different and unique.

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