BAMF Media Launches Brand New Guide on LinkedIn Growth Hacking

BAMF Media Launches Brand New Guide on LinkedIn Growth Hacking

BAMF Media officially launches its brand new guide on LinkedIn growth hacking and crafting excellent LinkedIn summaries with examples this week. The extensive guide covers topics from optimisation to enhancing brand perception on the most comprehensive professional platform in the world.

“This guide is game-changing,” says Houston Golden, founder, and president of BAMF Media. “It breaks down LinkedIn Growth Hacking to easy, actionable steps that any organization can apply to their current marketing campaign to boost growth and drive revenue. We have always been in this to help other people make the most of the channels that they have. The entire team at BAMF Media is excited.”

It covers several important topics such as profile optimization, your LinkedIn background photo, driving engagement, configuring posts, and networking. There are also extensive guides on promotion and establishing a presence in the networking site. It is one of the most complete guides available in the market today. Readers can find the LinkedIn summary examples guide here on the BAMF blog.

The methodology covered has been used with a number of their clients in different industries and offers both newbies and professional marketers a new perspective on optimization. There are real-life examples of how the techniques discussed have allowed different individuals and organizations to find their niche and profit from it.

The guide takes advantage of the years of experience that Golden and his team have with working with different organizations in growth hacking on the LinkedIn network.

“Growth hacking has always been both an art and science for us. The methods that we’ve released are based on different data models that we have worked with for years. Our approach yields measurable results because they are based on techniques that have worked with real organizations. This guide was built to provide a foundation for digital marketers to grow their LinkedIn presence,” Golden continues.

The guide was released in response to the BAMF Media commitment to allowing free digital marketing education to prevalent in the marketplace today. The guides that they have been publishing are all based on real data that they have worked with in the past.

The term “growth hacking” has been popularized over the past decade as it pertains to a series of steps any individual or organization can increase numbers, whether it be customers, revenue, development, or size. BAMF Media is one of the major proponents of digital marketing initiatives that aim to drive growth in the online marketplace.

This is not the first time that the company has launched a guide on the popular professional social media network. They have extensively covered LinkedIn optimization in numerous guides and tutorials that have been released in the organization’s different media outlets.

BAMF Media is a media agency and digital marketing consultancy service that specializes in growth hacking. It has been featured in prominent news outlets such as Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, for the work in growth hacking and business development.

The organization has been consulting on increasing growth and revenue on the LinkedIn platform for several years now, and they have successfully been responsible for the growth of numerous companies in the platform.

They utilize a wide variety of techniques ranging from in-house methods for garnering traffic to statistical purposes that have been tried and tested. The organization’s focus is to provide sustainable growth that drives inbound and outbound leads and sales.

A team of professional growth consultants and marketing gurus works extensively with several industries across the globe, providing bespoke solutions that have driven growth.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking platform in the world, with more than 400 million users. It allows people from different industries and locations in the world to communicate about their respective fields.

The platform – that was bought by Microsoft in 2016 – has been responsible for the growth of numerous companies being touted as one of the most effective marketing communications channels for both B2B and B2C organizations across the world. Its growth has also been tremendous, being a new player in the market just years ago.

It remains to be an efficient space to communicate with different business leaders across the world. This decentralized aspect of LinkedIn has made it a great way to bridge the gap between industry leaders and followers, providers, and customers and create proper cooperation between industries.

Houston Golden and his team at BAMF Media, are looking to add more guides to their already growing portfolio of free marketing education. They are also expanding the content that they are releasing to encompass a wide variety of topics related to digital marketing.

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