Balert Most Affordable Plug & Play Remote Security Device

Residential burglaries contribute to over 70% of all burglary cases, theft in small shops & office’s contribute to over 20% of all burglary cases. This means a residential apartment or candy shop is 90% more prone to a burglary, than a bank is. Well these statictics were considered by an Indian to bring a plug & play, maintenance free & internet free remote security device to life which almost every house & shop around the globe can afford to buy.

Nevon Balert is an innovative burglar & fire alert system that has recently been launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. It alerts you on your cell phone without an internet connection. The system is designed to secure home, office, shop and other facilities with no maintenance costs at just $59. Nevon Balert is a plug & play kind of security system everyone can afford and easily install in minutes to secure any facility.

The compact security system can be installed in less than 3 minutes to secure any space 24 hours and consumes very less power. The device is launched with a fundraising goal of $40,000 which will be used to fulfill the orders to it’s backers & get it into mass production. This mass production setup will be needed to develop & deliver Balert at US $59 including worldwide shipping charges. Unlike most of the other remote security systems that that cost above $200, depend on the internet, have lifetime maintenance costs & issues for alerting the users of any potential threats, this device doesn’t need any internet connection, nor maintenance. This means that it can be installed in areas with limited or no internet connectivity too while also saving cost spent on the internet connection as well as saving the trouble of periodic maintenance.

The device sends instant call alerts in case of any theft or fire detection. Since it works in stealth mode, the burglar stays unaware of the detection. The inbuilt fire sensors help detect any fire in the place and send an alert to the user without any internet connection at neither ends. It can also send alerts to multiple numbers in case one number is not reachable or out of network. The device can work in the case of a power cut too, using an inbuilt battery. This ensures that theft or fire never goes undetected, no matter how far you are.

It is need of the hour to eliminate the dependence on internet of the most crucial system which is the inspiration behind creating Balert. It runs on 12-volt power supply and consumes less than 10 milliamperes of power to keep the space or property secure. The system is easy to install and costs only $59 including the shipping charges to any part of the world.

Nevon Balert, burglar & fire alert system is most affordable as compared to all other security systems such as CCTV systems which require over 3 – 6 hours to install & have a lifetime of troubleshooting & maintenance cost too. The availability of such system in the market will ensure that even the small apartment & small business owners can afford it to keep their property safe.

The amount raised from the fundraiser will be used to cover the cost of manufacturing, marketing and distributing the first production run of Balert security device. The backers can also get early bird discounts by choosing the various perks from the crowd funding website. One of the perks also offers special edition security system to a limited number of backers. More information about the same is available at

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