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“For the Love of Bacon: Bacon Up Bacon Grease is new-to-market, but leverages a trusted – and tasty! – tradition.”
It seems bacon is everywhere these days, and people can’t get enough of that delicious flavor. Now, with new Bacon Up, it’s easier than ever to fry, cook, and bake with bacon grease – without the time, mess and expense of having to fry pounds of bacon. Bacon Up is 100% authentic bacon grease, triple-filtered for purity. You’ll be able to take your family favorites up a notch to next-level flavor when you use Bacon Up to replace the butter, shortening, or cooking oil in almost any recipe.

Are you getting tired of using the same old cooking oils in your best recipes? Are you craving more flavor and more authenticity? Or is the negative news about the effects of fake fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils starting to worry you?

If so, then Bacon Up Bacon Grease is just what you need. It provides the bacony goodness you may remember from when the best down-home cooks – maybe even your own mother or grandmother – kept a jar of bacon grease handy to add flavor to the food they cooked. Now, with ready-to-use Bacon Up Bacon Grease, it’s easy and convenient to add that tasty tradition to your own kitchen routines. And because it’s shelf stable for up to two years, you can store it at any temperature and it’s always ready to cook with, fry in, or add to whatever you’re baking.

Bacon Up is rendered from high quality bacon produced by our supplier, SugarCreek, the nation’s largest independent processor of bacon and pork products. Under the direction of industry leader and innovator, John Gordon, their recognized expertise ensures unsurpassed quality and authentic smokehouse flavor – plus reassurance that the highest level of food safety standards are always met. And, you can rest easy knowing it contains NO trans fat, NO gluten, NO peanuts, NO dairy, NO carbohydrates, NO MSG, and is NON-GMO and NOT hydrogenated.

The group of brothers behind the launch of Bacon Up is excited by the feedback the product has received. “We started on Amazon and with a limited retail release in 2018 and quickly earned “Amazon’s Choice” status and top-tier dollar sales at the retailer,” explained partner and co-founder Tom Bissmeyer of Colorado. “And the consumer ratings and reviews have been exceptionally positive.”

The brothers are all avid amateur chefs themselves and have enjoyed impressing friends and family with the many recipes they’ve made incorporating Bacon Up. According to Joe Bissmeyer of Ohio, the whole family has gotten into the act. “My daughter came up with an awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe that includes bacon bits and Bacon Up. They’re so delicious that we featured the recipe in one of the how-to videos on our website,” Another video highlights a simple, but elegant, Brussels sprout dish that uses Bacon Up to enhance the flavor and add some flair. They’ve been a big hit at dinner parties and potlucks alike.

“I especially enjoy baking with Bacon Up,” offered brother Bernie, also in Ohio. “Cornbread, muffins, sourdough loaves, and biscuits for breakfast sandwiches all have a deeper, richer flavor when you use Bacon Up instead of all shortening or vegetable oil.” And not to be overlooked are David’s Cajun and creole specialties. “I spent many years in Louisiana before moving to Texas,” explained David, “and have perfected the Gulf Coast art of frying turkeys in Bacon Up and using it in the roux at the base of some of the best gumbo you’ll ever taste.”

The brothers agree that the consumer trends are favorable for Bacon Up. “Not only do people love bacon’s fantastic flavor,” explained Tom, “but animal fats are becoming more popular than ever because they are real, natural, and minimally altered, leaving food crispier and less greasy than when prepared with oils.” A recent issue of “QSR,” a journal for quick service restaurateurs, reinforced this consumer preference, stating that people increasingly “want the real thing, not overly processed artificial substitutes. When it comes to cooking, vegetable oils are artificial substitutes for what humans have used for thousands of years.“

It seems the timing couldn’t be better for expanding the distribution of Bacon Up. It is available now in a one-gallon bucket that holds 7.3 pounds of bacon grease – perfect for deep-frying a turkey, chicken wings, fish, potato tots, fries, onion rings and more. The large size is also great for people following a Keto, Atkins, or low-carb routine.

Additionally, a new 14-ounce tub will be coming soon for everyday kitchen convenience. Just the right size to keep by the stove or in the refrigerator, it will make it easy to add a tablespoon or two to enhance the flavor of almost any dish.

“It’s fun to come up with new ways to add some bacony goodness to old favorites,” suggested Joe, “and we invite fans to visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find recipe ideas and share their own creations.” Bernie added, “Put your own new twist on this trusted tradition and join the flavor revolution!”

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