Babybund Maternity Belt Makes Pregnancy More Comfortable Than Ever Before

Greater Chicago, IL – June 13, 2018 – Pregnancy can cause not only discomfort and pain, but also restrictions on free movement and exercise. A new product recently launched by Babybund, a Midwest-based baby product company, now aims to conquer all those ills giving women freedom from discomfort, pelvic cramps and obstacles to an enjoyable lifestyle. The Babybund Maternity Belt available on Amazon offers women a comfortable pregnancy without the blues.

Back pain, pelvic cramps, and heavy abdominal stress can arise anytime during pregnancy. The Babybund Maternity Belt comes to the rescue at all stages of pregnancy, including pre-motherhood, post pregnancy and late stages of maternity. The OB-GYN endorsed pregnancy belt fits all sizes with an adjustable waist band giving it tremendous pain relief to the pelvis, abdomen and the back.

Pregnant women who wish to continue their daily routine or exercise will find the Babybund Maternity Belt to be great solution. It’s breathable, non-slip and non-itch fabric makes it very comfortable for users in these settings. The Maternity Belt’s fabric is also made from high quality, elastic material with super strong Velcro. It can be adjusted to fit the abdomen regardless of shape or size, and lets the wearer move more freely and walk longer distances. It ultimately provides more mobility comfort and additional tummy support, removing the need to constantly hold the belly upright during the customer’s daily routine, including sports and other mobile activities that otherwise would be stressful.

My wife was having serious lower belly pain and issues doing menial tasks like walking without experiencing lots of discomfort. The band gave her immediate relief from the pain and weight stress. She is happier as well. A happy wife = happy life. I highly recommend this small investment for major return,” said a recent customer of Babybund.

Dr. Leonard Fagan of Midwest Center for Womens Health has endorsed this product as safe to use for all of his patients:

“I fully endorse the safety and quality of this product which has helped out my patients during their pregnancies. It greatly relieves the pelvic and abdominal pressure experienced by most patients. For many women, it allows them a higher level of activity free from discomfort. As always, each individual should speak with her care provider to make sure no other potentially serious condition exists before they use this belt.”

– Leonard S. Fagan, MD, FACOG (Board Certified Ob/Gyn), Midwest Center for Womens Health

The Babybund Maternity Belt comes with a super satisfaction promise, backed by a Factory 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as well as a 1-Year Warranty.


Babybund was founded to provide an innovative product line in the baby and maternity industry. Babybund is a high quality baby and maternity accessories brand. They are excited to introduce maternity and infant solutions, among other specialized accessory concepts for this very special and exciting time.

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