BabyBest Launches 100% Organic Muslin Cotton Baby Blankets to Promote Health, Comfort and Green Environment

Chicago, IL, USA – BabyBest, a new private label brand for baby products, has launched new swaddle blankets that are designed and manufactured for superior quality and comfort. The 100% organic cotton blankets can be used for a variety of purposes, carry modern designs made by artists, and come with a soft cotton baby hat as a bonus.

Conventional cotton blankets are not especially suited for utmost comfort of babies as they can carry harmful chemicals, get hot, carry tags and logo material that distract, and thus cause friction and discomfort to babies’ soft skin. There is also an added danger of the baby taking the blanked in his/her mouth. In addition, manufacturing practices of these products add to the carbon footprint.

BabyBest selected organic muslin cotton as the best suitable material given that it remains cool in all weather conditions. Moreover, organic cotton is also softer on baby skin than regular cotton. The blankets are also unique in that they are devoid of distracting tags and carry a single soft and silky tag. BabyBest swaddle blankets are thus extra soft, luxurious and light weight, with eco-friendly manufacturing practices that protect the environment.

Buying an environment-friendly, safe and extra comfortable product is about taking care of both the present needs of the baby and their future on the planet. BabyBest has thus launched the organic cotton swaddle blanket that is adorned with modern designs, suits both boy and girl babies, and gets softer and better after every wash. This makes the organic cotton baby blanket the best bet for making babies fall asleep quickly. This means a good night sleep both for babies and parents.

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