Ayanna Mills Ambrose launches new anthology, ‘Radical Woman: Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes And Losses’

American Evangelist and International #1 Best Selling Author, Ayanna Mills Ambrose has announced the launch of her new book, ”Radical Woman: Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes And Losses”.

The inspirational book is an anthology co-authored by other gifted writers such as Allegra Maple, Dena Peters, Dr. Jenaya White, Joycelynn Glover Ellison, Michelle Lewis, Sandrian Nelson-Moon, Vickie Del Toro and forwarded by Dr. Kishma George.

The book gives its readers the tips and tools used by the authors who are successful Ambassadors, Doctors, Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, Ministers and Professionals. The authors are revealing their secrets on how they overcame pain, problems, and trauma. They have walked in the pain, and now want its readers to thrive in adversity.

Speaking about the book, Ayanna Mills Ambrose said: “Are you at your breaking point? Are you feeling lost and unsupported? Are you tired of not knowing what to do or which way to turn, all the while wondering, “when will I have it easy” or “when will my struggle end?” What’s the anecdote to overcome pain, problems, and trauma? The answer is, you have to build up Resilience.”

Radical Woman: Resilience After Difficult Issues, Changes And Losses is a women’s empowerment book that inspires women to take action and transform from depressed to successful. The authors discuss battles with abuse, depression, divorce, domestic violence, dysfunction, homicide, and suicide. They’re speaking up, inspiring women worldwide who are just like them to launch forward. The book provides practical advice and tips on how to overcome challenges and make lasting change.

In Radical Woman, the authors break their silence on feelings of not being good enough, alone, abandoned, and completely forgotten about, during childhood and lasting throughout adulthood. Instead of living in despair, the authors were able to overcome, and now they are sharing personal stories so that you will be encouraged to W.O.M.A.N.:

        • Win

        • Outlast

        • Maximize

        • Achieve &

        • Nurture

”Radical Woman is not your typical self-help book”, said coauthor and Social Entrepreneur, Dr. Jenaya White. ”Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue, Radical Woman will be your guide to help you get back on track. This book will push you towards purpose, passion, and productivity.”

The author, Ayanna Mills Ambrose is a Licensed and Ordained Evangelist, as well as a Hip Hop music enthusiast. Her purpose is to be an intersection between the Bible (God) and the community (Hip Hop). Her mission is to help others Heal Internal Pain (HIP) so that they can have Happiness, Opportunities, and Prosperity (HOP). In 2019, Ayanna released her break-out novel, God & Hip Hop: A 21 Day Biblical Devotional Inspired by Hip Hop. Since then, God & Hip Hop has become a bestseller in 5 countries.

The Book’s official release date is on  8/30/2022. To get a copy of this life-changing book, check out the book’s amazon page.

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