Axion Logic Pte. LTD Launch Paperless Digital Punch Card System

Digital Punchcard is a location based time attendance system mobile App for both iOS and Android that has recently been released by Singapore-based app development firm Axion Logic Pte. LTD. The newly developed app has been designed to replace paper punch card system with easy to use mobile phone apps that will allow administrators to manage the system within the app and employees to check-in and out with one button.

The app has been designed to combine convenience and ease. By keeping the process of employee check-ins and outs simple and quick through their streamlined process which the company claims is as easy as 1-2-3,  Axion Logic Pte. LTD aims to reduce confusion and save time. The app features an administrator mode which allows managers to invite employees. The admin mode also allows them to view all employees’ work status and their last check-in. And also, export all employees historical check-in and out data into MS-Excel. Admins can also add multiple locations as check-in points.

The company spokesperson said: “Stay on top and in control of all your employees’ punch card data such as their check-in and checkout data. The objective of our Digital Punch card application is to make it easier for managers to get remote and local data digitally, which would make the entire process quicker and easier for all parties involved.”

After receiving an invite from an administrator, employees join a company by the admin invites only. To ensure maximum security, the employee mode allows employees to check in when they arrive at the checkpoint. The data is accessible anywhere by the members of a company because it is stored on the Digital Punchcard enterprise-grade cloud server, which ensure data will be synchronous across all user group devices and users will have the peace of mind that their data will never be lost, even if an administrator device is damaged or compromised.

Lee, a satisfied user of Digital Punchcard System wrote in his testimonial on Google Play Store: “We have been using paper time card for a while. After testing this app for a week, I am convinced that it served well to replace our card system. It’s too suspicious to be free so, I contact the developer. Turn out they earn by advertisements. Oh well, fine for me!”

About: Axion Logic Pte. LTD is a smartphone app developer based in Singapore. Their prime objective is to develop applications for smart devices that improve performance and efficiency through simple solutions for everyday problems. For more information please visit:

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