Axiom H2 Launches its State-of-the-Art Touch Screen Molecular Hydrogen Generator, Offering 100% Natural and Safe Therapy

The newly launched HW600 by Axiom H2 allows users to experience clinical-grade therapy in a seamless, convenient, and effective way

Axiom H2, a US-based company that promotes the use of hydrogen therapy and proffers solutions related to its use is pleased to announce the world’s first state-of-the-art touch screen molecular hydrogen generator, the HW600. The company made this announcement today while reaffirming its commitment to offering easily integrated methods of using Hydrogen and products that have been tested and proven to be safe and above therapeutic H2 levels.

The newly launched molecular hydrogen generator by Axiom H2 offers 100% natural and safe therapy. It has been endorsed by Board Certified Doctors as an effective tool in providing the ideal molecular hydrogen for any clinical and therapeutic process. The HW600 was specifically designed to be the most user-friendly H2 device. Equipped with touchscreen capabilities, the molecular generator is silent, has multiple added sensors for water quality and hydrogen production, requires zero maintenance, offers 2 person therapy, and has a sleep mode.

H2 has unique advantages in clinical applications. It effectively penetrates biomembranes to reach cell nuclei and mitochondria and can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier by gaseous diffusion, while most antioxidant compounds cannot. The administration of H2 has shown preventive and therapeutic effects in a wide range of disease models and human diseases. With Axiom H2’s HW600, the administration of H2 has been made much easier.

From neurodegenerative diseases to treating brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, hepatitis, liver diseases, myocardial injury, atherosclerosis, and other vascular diseases, H2 has shown unique therapeutic effects. However, its administration must be closely monitored and regulated which has given rise to the production of molecular hydrogen generators. This makes the molecular hydrogen generator a very handy piece of equipment.

The generator uses upgraded cannulas from Japan. Axiom H2 made use of top-quality antibacterial materials instead of silicon while providing an added moisture capture chamber with each cannula. One thing that makes Axiom H2’s molecular generator a standout is a fact it doesn’t use chemical mixtures such as sodium hydroxide which most models require. It uses a new Japanese technology that involves Proton Exchange Membrane and clean water technology.

Furthermore, the HW600 has a certification of Authenticity for upgraded Titanium and Platinum electrodes, which means the machine will not release harmful oxides such as chlorine and ozone. The HW600 produces 600ml per minute of 99.99% medical grade, deuterium-free, molecular hydrogen. It is suited for recommendation and use for naturopathic doctors, holistic doctors, natural wellness centers, holistic clinics, IV lounges, professional athletes, health minded individuals, and much more.

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