Axiology’s Organic Lipstick: Saving Animals Is Beauty

Axiology’ Cruelty Free Lipstick Tie The Knot To Protect Animal Rights

September 7, 2016: Axiology Natural Organic Lipstick has vowed to protect the animal rights and preserve nature. Most beauty products use innocent animals to conduct lab experiments on those innocent creatures while making or testing their products. Axiology cruelty free makeup brand has taken the totally opposite step in this regard and has vowed to preserve the nature and innocent animal lives. Animal rights are as important as human rights but the ignorance and negligence towards them has caused the globe a lot of damage already.

Ingredients of the organic lipsticks by Axiology Beauty are natural and organic. Avocado, Castor Seeds, Orange, Elderberry, Coconut, Candelilla, Vitamin E Oil, Grapes, Mineral Powder and other naturally occurring organic materials. There is no need to use animals when the better products can be used to enhance the beauty and appearance. Mother nature is beautiful and Axiology is enhancing that beauty.

“I love the animals and I love beauty and there is no need to hurt the animals to look beautiful.” Says Ericka Rodriguez, the great mind behind the success of Axiology Beauty. California-born Ericka Rodriguez is the Founder of Axiology. Her passion for a vegan lifestyle crossed over into beauty and therefore she did this revolutionary job of using natural elements instead of innocent animals to make beauty products. Ericka’s efforts for animal rights have been appreciated at all the levels.

Currently, Axiology is offering 10% discount on the Axiology lipstick order. People can pick their color and then use promo code CRUELTYFREE10 at checkout to avail the discount. The sales of Axiology Products have dramatically increased because people love animals and do not want to see them get hurt just to look beautiful. The sales are also increasing because of the quality of products and Axiology is expected to surpass most of its contemporaries and competition because of the unique and innovative products with an unprecedented quality.

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