Award-Winning Musician Announces Interactive Motivational Program For Schools And Organization

Uses his skills of rhythms to help create team bonding among groups

Birmingham, Alabama – Get Rhythm Programs is proud to announce their corporate team building programs. They offer services for schools, organizations, conferences, and other locations. International and award-winning music teacher and artists, John Scalici, uses his skills of musical rhythm to help create a unique team bonding experience that delivers results. Participants in this program will be able to realize how valuable they are to each other, improve in their relationship, synergize, and get motivated and inspired.

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“In a world where so many things separate us, we need to find as many ways that connect us as possible. Get Rhythm Programs is a creation of mine that has taken the world by storm. Through the program, we have been able to help thousands of individuals in organizations, schools, and events, to discover amazing new things about themselves. Our sessions are fun, motivational, and full of interesting activities that will definitely have an impact on your soul,” said John Scalici.

Get Rhythm Programs is a leadership development program specifically created to help connect people through rhythm and music. They offer Interactive motivational programs for organizations, events, and celebrations. Special needs students in elementary, primary, and secondary schools are given special treatment, to help them reconnect and redirect them to a path of self-development. Participants are taken through a series of experimental learning, with the use of rhythms as a universal language, to help them realize their individual values. Groups go through a discovery process that motivates, inspire, and empower them to become better in whatever they do. The energy that is released through the rhythm sessions is caught by everyone in attendance, which makes them achieve team bonding as they have never experienced.

“John’s rhythm program was great. After going through the program, we were able to use some of his thought consistently in our day to day interactions. He has a way of easily connecting with people and help them realize so many things they’re yet to discover about themselves. No one will ever go through this program and still remain the same, I can confidently say that,” said Trudy M, The John Maxwell Team.

About Get Rhythm Programs

Get Rhythm Programs is an Interactive motivational program that utilizes the power of rhythm to help connect people. Over the years, they have helped thousands of people realize their potential and make better connections that bring positive results. It is facilitated by John Scalici who is an award-winning musician and teaching artist. Some of their notable clients include University of Alabama, Pan American Insurance, Red Mountain theatre, Baptist Church of the Covenant, etc.

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