Award-winning hip-hop singer Melo Lv produces new track, S.LOT

Melo Lv has produced a new track representing the confidence and bravery of young people which is accompanied by an astonishing music video. The track is called “S.LOT” and will be released on April 10th 2017. This hip-hop/pop song features the carefree lifestyle of young people and features many limited edition supercars. Melo Lv created the masterpiece with the collaboration of her award-winning crew and featuring the artist Eden Park under the banner of MMP Entertainment

MMP Entertainment is co-founded by the pop star and was created with the vision of bringing the best music and artists to the public eye. Their belief is to create opportunities for young and talented artists on a competitive platform. With the slogan of “starving artist society,” MMP entertainment is devoted to making a name for itself in the music scene. 

Melo Lv is a composer, vocalist, and lyricist from Vancouver and produces contemporary R&B and modern Pop music. Her first project was the album “Self” in which she self-produced the track “Enough”, “Self” “No one like you.” In 2016 she also released several singles include “16 Hrs”, “Where you at” and “你不懂”.

She also performed on New Year Eve in 2016 which caught the eyes of many media and audience members. At the Guangzhou New Year countdown concert, she performed for over 20,000 people. Melo Lv is also famous for her appearances in many Korean, Canadian and Chinese media including Fairchild TV, Vancouver TV, Kmusic, and FM90.9. 

The song “S.LOT” is not only a passionate song but it is an expression of youth, confidence and bravery. “S.LOT” is beautifully summarized into melodious words and the instrumental itself is enough to get the audience carried away. The efforts of the production team can also be seen in the music video where they arrange three world class limited edition sports cars.

Melo Lv also shows love for Asian culture as the song shows a large number of cultural elements of oriental style, such as: Chinese tea, calligraphy, paper fans, and paintings. The Music Video is directed by top rated directors, and produced by herself, to help portray the true magic of “S.LOT” through dramatic visuals. 

The track and music video will be available on April 10th, 2017 under the distribution of MMP Entertainment

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