Award-winning Afro Dance Choreographer and Instructor Angel Kaba, Sheds Light on the Music Genre, Afrobeats

Very often, one would find that certain misconceptions have persisted over time; some of these misconceptions have lasted for centuries, some decades, and others for a few years. A classic case example is the misconceptions that have shrouded these phrases- African music, afrobeat, and afro-pop. 

Some people wrongly believe that the three phrases mean the same thing, which they can substitute at will for each other. On the other hand, some people erroneously think afrobeat is a dance technique. The fact that these misconceptions have thrived among many proves one thing clearly, there is a need for large scale enlightenment and awareness on these subjects areas. What better person to deliver such spot-on and up-to-date information to the masses than the New York-based International artistic Director & Award-winning choreographer, ANGEL KABA.

Speaking on Angel Kaba, the talented and bright young lady is a professional choreographer, a renowned international creative director, and a digital marketing consultant. She was recruited and mentored by a prominent leader and dancer in the entertainment industry, Ms. Robin Dunn. This mentorship period birthed so many opportunities for angel, some of which granted her a stage to perform alongside famous artists like Kanye West, Diamond Platnumz, Rihana, and many more. By utilizing decades-long experience, coupled with her certifications in music and theatre and business marketing, Angel has auspiciously established the AFroDance New York organization.

AFroDance, a New York organization, is a platform saddled with the sole purpose of developing raw dance talent, creativity, and passion. When it comes to developing talent, Angel has pooled together the requisite resources, knowledge, and experience required to turn a budding dancer into a professional dancer. She has successfully nurtured hundreds of novice dancers who have now been able to carve a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Angel Kaba creates her online academy to allow everyone to learn about and experience African dance. Such experience and enlightenment are deeply appreciated because they will significantly help clear most misconceptions. More people would begin to understand that African music and afrobeat are not synonyms, afrobeat is not a dance technique, etcetera.

It gets even better. The hardworking star has launched a brand new program called PASSIONPRENEUR. The program is dedicated to helping young talents convert their passion into a business, just as the name implies.

“For me, African dance/music is more than the excitement, the energy, the vibe, and all that. It’s about the culture, the history, the mindset behind all of it. It’s about the reasons why we dance and sing the way we uniquely do. It means so much to me. It’s a lifestyle for me, and I want to share that positivity and understanding to as many people as I can,” said Angel 

 To fully understand and appreciate African music and afro dances, one must know from where it comes. The habit of popularizing African music and dances without awarding due credit where needed has become incessant. The global artistic director, Angel Kaba, wants to bring value without omitting to give accolades to the community of origin. This desire is one of the propelling factors that has led Angel Kaba to start her online course titled – EXPLORING HIP HOP & STREET DANCES. The essential focus of this course is to discover the roots of HIP hop and street dance. 

To learn more about Angel Kaba and join her Afro’Dance New York movement, visit her website on  as well as her Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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