Award Winning American Radio Personality Supa Cindy In An Interview With Former Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum

Florida, USA – 21st February, 2019 – 99 JAMZ radio host, Supa Cindy who rocks the airway to bring latest in entertainment news and music to her listener recently got in an interview with former Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Guillum.

Born Cindy Doucet, the gorgeous Award winning radio host took up the name Supa cindy. A name that interprets her true personality and even have a song “Supa Cindy” featuring Rick Ross, Scrilla, and DJ Sam Sneak dedicated to her. Loved and admired by her listeners Cindy has never fail to keep fans updated on the latest happenings.

Recently Cindy joined a panel of experts for a domestic violence and human trafficking forum in South Florida as a moderator to anchor the event. An event that featured Andrea Kelly ex-wife of popular musician R.kelly, who joined the panel and used the forum to talked about her experience regarding domestic violence.

“I went from a victim to a survivor to an advocate,” “It took a very long time to get to this point out of fear.” – Andrea was heard saying.


In her recent interview with Andrew Gillum, Andrew was heard saying that he is a big fan of Cardi B.

“Am a super fan of Cardi B, can’t wait to meet her. I hope she continue to raise her voice on this issues.”

Asking him further on the upcoming 2020 election Andrew confirmed he won’t be on it. He responded by saying –

We’ve got a presidential race, I won’t be in it. But I will tell you, what we will be doing is working to try to see that we register a million voters throughout the state of Florida, who it will be our hope will show up in this process.”

Despite not being in the race anymore, Andrew Gillum is fully committed towards helping the next presidential candidate and urges everyone to make their votes count.

In spite of the fact that we didn’t win this transaction for me, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be on the front line trying to win it for the next person who’s going to be working on our behalf to improve conditions in our neighborhood, in our streets, in our community, in our state, in our country. So am fully committed, am all in, am not going anywhere.”


Supa Cindy’s passion for entertainment is visibly clear, she dares celebrities with questions fans would love to hear and she put a lot in to her work.

“I love what I do,” says Cindy. “I’ve always loved entertaining people, putting a smile on their faces, helping them and making a difference.”

Many people in the industry draw inspiration from her and she is love by all.

“Supa Cindy has been an influential part of my Career and someone that has given me great opportunities, Not only is she the upmost professional but also down to earth and always has her finger on the pulse and ear to the Ground… She always knows what’s going on… A True Tastemaker!” – Pitbull

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