Avalon Novel Allows Writers to Publish an Ongoing Novel

Read, write, and get paid:  Avalon Novel is an internet novel platform in which writers post and manage their ongoing novels.  

Avalon Novel is the first and only integrated platform that allows people to:

  • Write their own literature/novel and publish it chapter by chapter

  • Set a price for each chapter and get paid to fund their writing career

  • Read all kinds of original literature with ultimate mobile reading experience

How Avalon Novel Works

From aspiring writers to seasoned wordsmiths, Avalon Novel allows anyone to post and manage their writing on an internet novel platform.  Once posted, these works are categorized through keywords and recommended to readers based on their personal preferences.  

In addition, writers set a price to read each chapter of their novels as a way to permit readers to support their writing. Extraordinary novels will be chosen and the author will be paired with partner film producing companies to explore potential opportunities with where their novel may be transformed into a movie or TV series.

The steps to publishing an ongoing novel is simple:

  • Upload – Writers upload an ongoing novel by chapter.

  • Price Setting – Writers customize the price to read for each chapter.

  • Payment – Writers get paid from the proceeds derived from their novels.

  • Potential Opportunities – Popular novels are introduced to partner film producing companies.

Questions or comments?  Visit the “contact us” page and provide name, email, and phone information, along with a message, and the Avalon Novel team will do their best to respond as quickly as possible.

How to Use the Avalon Novel App

By downloading the Avalon Novel App, users are able to:

  • Add a novel

  • Search for other novels

  • See rankings for the Top 100 in reading and purchasing

  • Search by category

  • Let Avalon Novel choose a novel to read with the random reading setting

Simply download the app in the iTunes or Google Play store by searching “Avalon Novel,” or use the convenient QRcode or download the link on theAvalon Novel webpage.

How to Begin Writing

Simply choose a user name and provide basic information, such as name, phone number, and other information.  Then, submit and a new writer is born!

Once logged in to the Avalon Novel system, a dashboard allows users to download any new novels, check royalties, see statistics, and even refer a friend. Customize the photo icon to make the page unique.  The dashboard features:

  • My-books – Download and edit any new novels.

  • My-royalties – This page shows order numbers, novel name, chapter, amount, and date.  

  • Statistics – See who has searched, shared, added, or saved any novels.  Also, view the amount of income from each novel that has been generated.

  • Refer a friend – a code is provided on this page to allow anyone to refer a friend.

How to Get Paid

Readers pay writers to read chapters in the novel.  Depending on the popularity of the novel, the amount of credit in the form of Avalon Coins is built up.  Once the amount has reached 1000 Avalon Coins, the writer may withdrawal for U.S. dollars.  One hundred Avalon Coins equals one U.S. dollar.  A current commission rate of 30% is subject to change depending on PayPal fees and any Avalon Novel promotional events that may be in effect.

So, get ready to read, write, and get paid.  Avalon Novel is the unique internet novel platform that allows any writer to share their novels with the world. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Avalon Technology Inc
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Phone: 6268237713
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State: California
Country: United States
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