AV Access Introduces iDock C10 KVM Switch Docking Station, Empowering Users to Create a Dynamic Home Workstation

AV Access Introduces iDock C10 KVM Switch Docking Station, Empowering Users to Create a Dynamic Home Workstation
AV Access introduces the iDock C10 4K KVM switch docking station to cater to the growing number of individuals working from home. As the demand for multiple PCs and monitors rises, this innovative device enables users to effortlessly manage two PCs, two 4K monitors, and numerous peripherals simultaneously.
AV Access presents the iDock C10, a groundbreaking integration of a dual monitor KVM switch and a 12-in-1 docking station. This innovative device allows users to effortlessly control their desktop or laptop with two monitors and multiple peripherals, enhancing productivity in office work, learning, and gaming.

AV Access, a leading provider of Pro AV and AV over IP solutions, is excited to unveil the iDock C10 KVM switch docking station as the latest addition to its impressive lineup of KVM switches. With its dual monitor design, extensive peripheral connectivity, full-featured USB-C input port, remarkable ultra-high refresh rates, and other exceptional features, iDock C10 is the perfect solution for office work, gaming, and learning.

4K Dual Monitor KVM Switch with a Versatile 12-in-1 Docking Station

“Today, an increasing number of individuals working from home find themselves in need of multiple PCs and monitors, as well as various peripheral devices such as keyboards, microphones, and SD cards. Our new KVM switch docking station is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of these professionals, including video editors, graphic designers, and avid gamers. It simplifies home office setups, reduces the need for additional peripherals, and significantly enhances productivity,” explained Bill Liao, CTO of AV Access.

The iDock C10 4K dual monitor KVM switch features a USB-C input port (supporting multi-stream transport) for a laptop, along with an integrated HDMI + DisplayPort + USB-B input port for a desktop computer. Furthermore, users can take advantage of abundant peripheral connectivity, including 3x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB-C, 1x SD card, 1x LAN, 1x Toslink out, 1x 3.5mm headset, and two HDMI outputs, allowing seamless integration of multiple devices.

Immersive High Refresh Rate & Fast Switching

The iDock C10 KVM switch supports ultra-high refresh rates, such as 1080P@240Hz/165Hz/144Hz/120Hz and 2560×1440@144Hz/120Hz, ensuring smooth switching between high-speed racing game sources.

Moreover, equipped with a full-featured USB-C port, this powerful 4K KVM switch offers users the ability to transfer data, audio, video, and power using just a single USB-C cable. Dual 4K UHD videos can be inputted, enabling the transmission of large data volumes at up to 5Gbp/s while simultaneously charging the laptop with up to 60W.

Switching between two PC sources is effortless and swift, thanks to the automatic PC wake-up and EDID emulation features of the 4K KVM switch. Users can effortlessly switch between their devices in just 2-3 seconds.

“Our highly sought-after KVM switch docking station is now available for purchase on our official site at the competitive price of $259.99. It is an essential tool for seamlessly switching between your gaming PC and workstation,” added Bill.

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