AutoPair Warranty Introduces Competitive Pricing Plans for Extended Car Warranties in Canada

AutoPair Warranty, an auto warranty provider in Ontario, has introduced competitive& simple pricing plans for extended car warranties or used car warranties. This service comes as a relief to vehicle owners and potential buyers who have long suffered by the hands of automotive dealers as they strive to acquire warranties for their used vehicles.

Buying an extended warranty for a used car comes with numerous benefits. That’s because unlike new cars, used cars are more prone to mechanical breakdowns. Some of these breakdowns necessitate expensive repairs which can set one back financially. However, with extended car warranties, car owners can rest assured that such costly repairs are covered by the warranty. Therefore, at a small fee, one can extend the manufacturer’s warranty (on average lasts for around three years) and enjoy basic power train or comprehensive coverage on most repairs for a specified period.

Extended warranties are not new in the automotive industry. However, in the past, these warranties were only available to purchase predominantly from automotive dealerships. However, the problem with dealerships is that they offer car warranties at ridiculously high prices. These high prices are a result of them offering a 3rd party warranty product with large amounts of profits built into the selling price of the warranty program.  Additionally, after purchasing the warranty, one can only repair their vehicle at a pre-authorized mechanical repair shop. As a result, drivers have shielded away from extended warranties due to their price gouging and, in many cases, ridiculous terms that come with them.

Affordable Pricing Plans

AutoPair Warranty is here to provide relief to all vehicle owners and potential vehicle buyers. The company has two plans that are incredibly simple with listed coverage and affordable. These are the STANDARD PLAN and the WORKS PLAN. With the Standard Plan, users only pay a maximum of $999 and get covered for 24months and no mileage restriction. The warranty covers all repairs except for the AC system, electrical components, and high-tech systems. The Works Plan has more comprehensive coverage and it is priced differently depending on the number of kilometres you plan to drive. However, vehicle owners can expect to pay a maximum of $1,499 for a 24-month warranty and $1,899 for a 48-month warranty. The Standard Plan covers vehicles that are 10 years or newer while the Works Plan covers those that are 6 years or newer.

It is evident that AutoPair’s warranty plans are more affordable than anything one can find on the market, especially in dealerships. Therefore, owners and prospective buyers of used vehicles that are no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty are encouraged to consider these plans and save money on auto repairs during the selected warranty period. AutoPair’s warranties are transferable, and one doesn’t have to worry about selling the car before the lapse of the warranty period. In fact, the extended warranty can significantly increase the resale value of the vehicle.

About AutoPair Warranty

AutoPair Warranty is a provider of extended or used car warranties in Toronto, Canada. The company was established to bring relief to vehicle owners who have long been forced to buy warranties at exorbitant prices from dealerships. AutoPair Warranty offers these warranties at competitive pricing. Their packages cover most auto repairs for a period of 24 or 48 months depending on the chosen plan. They are renewable as long as the vehicle still meets the age limit, and one can also transfer the warranty when disposing of the car.

AutoPair Warranty boasts a team of experienced professionals who have more than 30 years in the automotive sales and financing industry. Their knowledge and experience in selling third-party car products has been paramount to the creation of a concept that offers a peace of mind at affordable prices.

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