Automotive Industry Shall Continue Feeding Revenue to the Global Rutile Market during 2016-2021

APAC, followed by North America and then Europe; coupled with the automotive industry are pegged to act as the biggest strengths for the growth in Global Rutile Market.

Rutile can be obtained in both natural and synthetic ways. Natural rutile has huge availability globally while synthetic rutile can be contrived from ilmenite which is a mineral type used in titanium and titanium dioxide production. Both minerals have various applications in end use industries spread across many genres.

Rutile can be manufactured from ilmenite, a mineral used for production of titanium and titanium dioxide. Rutile is mainly used as a source of titanium and occurs as transparent or opaque crystals from however it is also available in various colors including black, yellow, golden or reddish brown depending on the source.

Growth Trends, Drivers and Constraints:

Automotive industry is noted to be the prime market driver for the demand in Rutile on basis of global study and this trend is expected to continue aiding the overall Rutile market during the forecast period of 2016-2021. Construction, packaging and electronics are the other leading domains with strong abilities to drive the rutile market value, especially in the coming 5-6 years.

Dominant rutile application is titanium extraction owing to which rutile demand is majorly dependent on the titanium metal coupled with titanium dioxide demand. Therefore, this trend is expected to drive global rutile demand over the forecast period.

Titanium metal and oxide production using rutile processing results into hazardous waste generation which further results into waste disposal problems and severe environmental effects. The problem is expected to restrain global rutile market over the forecast period. In addition, noxious waste from titanium metal and oxide production forces regional regulatory bodies such as EPA and REACH to limit or control rutile use by complying stringent standards. Such factor is expected to further limit global rutile market.

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Geographical Market Scope:

Large scale demand for rutile in APAC has resulted in this region being the most dominant market, according to IndustryARC studies. APAC witnesses the usage of rutile in a wide number of end user industries with automobile being the most. Not only is this region the current market leader, but it also is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period 2016-2021.

On the other hand, North America follows APAC in the list with pretty good demand and supply rate in this region as well. The third in the list stands Europe which may have increased potentials after a few years as compared to today. APAC’s tremendous growth is due to the sharp rise in industrial infrastructure which has attracted many global industry player, government initiatives and in developing nations such as China, and India.

Market Classification Overview:

IndustryARC research analysts have classified the Global Rutile Market into various segments and sub types based on deciding factors like:

  1. By Applications: Titanium, Titanium Oxide and Others

  2. By End User Industries: Automotive, Packaging, Construction, Electronics and Others

  3. By Geography: Europe, APAC, North America and Rest of the World


40+ top global industries of the global rutile market are analyzed and included in this research report by IndustryARC with respect to various market aspects. Few from the entire list would be:

  • Shanghai Yuejiang Titanium Chemical Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

  • Abbott Blackstone

  • VV Minerals

  • Sri Ragavendra Minerals

  • Shanghai Jiuta Chemical Co., LTD

  • Titanos Group

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