Automatic Pick up and Place Carton Packer Machine

Automatic Pick up and Place Carton Packer Machine made by advanced software technology and can complete automatic unpacking, automatic packing, automatic packing, product packing adjusting, carton packing and sealing equipment, baler, automatic paltizing system, automatic winding equipment; equipment selection and function can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

This utility model carton packer packaging system is use for automatically packing of kinds of cups, cans, bottles etc into opened empty carton box. And this carton packer suitable for the carton packing process of water, beverage, oil, etc production line, and also suitable for other industries.

Carton Packer Machine have two types:

1) Could divide into Standard Speed Type and High Speed Type;

2) Also could divide into swing arm type carton packer machine and robot arm carton packer machine.

3) Could applicable for various bottles, cups, jars, Bags, etc.

Pick up and place type carton packer normally need match with carton erector and carton sealer machine working together, for finished carton box open, carton packing and carton sealing works. Also could according to client’s different products special requirement to improve design for achieved carton packer works.

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Machine Characteristics:

1. Adopt intelligent HMI to control and display machine running action status and with alarm function in real time.

2. Through buffer device to realize packing product into empty carton box smoothly, and minimize the possibility of injury to the products.

3. Carton Packing speed is adjustable (controlled by frequency converter).

4. Automatic alarm for lack of products (bottles etc.), effectively reducing the probability of carton packing error.

5. Equipped with the safety protection function of accidental or fault gives alarm warning and the indicator light flashes.

Main Products Orientation

1. Various Filling Machine, Carton Erector, Carton Packer, Carton Sealer Machines;

2. Various Labeling Machines;

3. Various Conveyors;

4. Various PE Film Shrink Wrapper Case Packing Machines;

5. Various Palletizer and Depalletizer Machines;

6. Pallet Shape Products PP/PET/SteeL Belt Strapping Machine;

7. M & A and expansion of filling machine business;

8. Special Machines Design;

9. Whole Line Support, Manufacturer and Professional After-sale Service.

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