Automatic Electric Jar Opener For Seniors With Arthritis, Weak Hands, Ideal Gifts For Seniors

Ever struggled with opening a jar? Most jars bought from the market are sealed tight to preserve their freshness and to retain flavor. However, these tightly-sealed jars can prove to be difficult to open for people who suffer from diseases like arthritis, especially senior people who live alone.

So How To Solve This?

With the best electric jar opener in hand, struggling to open the jar will be a thing of the past! Using Fanbell Electric Jar Opener not only allows gaining easy access to the contents of the jar, but also helps in managing his / her ailment.

Perks of Choosing Fanbell Electric Jar Opener

When going out to look for the perfect electric jar opener, they can find themselves confused by the range of openers available, and each one of a different size. They have to ensure they are picking the one that is most suited to the needs. Fortunately, Fanbell has developed a robotwist electric jar opener that is versatile enough for all the jar lids!


Get The Perfect Grip!

This Fanbell jar opener is fully equipped with a dual V-grip for an easy opening. He can choose to install the opener by mounting it beneath his kitchen counter so that it is discrete and also does the job well. This also makes it suitable for people who have small kitchen spaces, as it will not take up any counter space at all.


With just the push of a button enabling his / her to open the jar, the Fanbell’s electric jar opener is virtually effortless. It is designed in a way that it is easy for people of all ages to use without any safety or hazardous risks. The product provides a firm grip when it attaches to the jar lips, and a simple twist is needed to open the jar.

Fanbell Jar Opener’s compact and lightweight ensures that it is easy to handle and hold even if they have arthritis. Its unobtrusive appearance means that he can safely tuck it out of sight whenever he has guests visiting. It can be hidden under the cupboards, counters or shelves. Since it takes up as minimal space as possible, it can give him a clutter-free kitchen as well.

Features To Look Out For

It is time to let go of traditional jar openers and embrace the future. The Fanbell Jar Opener prides itself in being the best electric jar opener in the world and for good cause. Some of the features the product offers are:

• It can work for diameters ranging from 1-4 inches. It does not matter if the surface is wet or slippery because the Fanbell Jar Opener has amazing grip no matter the jar size.

• All the jar worries can be solved with the press of a button, enabling the electric jar opener to work automatically. Powered by 2AA batteries, it is the perfect gift for parents and senior relatives.

• Super easy to clean and store. The Fanbell Electric Jar Opener can easily be wiped clean with the help of a damp cloth.

• 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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