AutoGuide Mobile Robots Offer Flexible and Reconfigurable Devices Lowering Costs and Creating Rapid ROI

AutoGuide Mobile Robots, with an extensive research and development team based in Chelmsford, MA, offers modular hardware options including a single automation device with modular attachments. Compared to the competition, only AutoGuide offers flexible and reconfigurable devices which help lower the cost, creating a rapid ROI (return-on-investment).

Few mobile robotics and AGV companies currently possess the total connectivity required in Industry 4.0 corporate initiatives, writes industry expert Steve Derby in a recent article published in IoTNow magazine. According to Derby the exception is AutoGuide Mobile Robots. They use the Industry 4.0 approach due to the semiconductor technical background of the company’s core C-level management.

AutoGuide Mobile Robots is working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies to further expand technologies into industrial environments. This unique AI approach collects data by following and learning from the human operators over a period of time, enabling a fully autonomous AGV or mobile robot in tough applications. These predictive analytics ensure optimized processes, best-practices, and first in the industry addressing truly autonomous work.

AutoGuide’s mobile robots are not a science project but commercially hardened. They have state of the art technology and have been integrated into numerous production facilities in record time, weeks rather than months or years. AutoGuide can fill an order in less than two months; its modular design facilitates adaptability to nuanced and specific customer requirements. The competition in the AGV space often requires eight months (or longer) to build and implement a system. That is lost productivity.

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About AutoGuide Mobile Robots:

AutoGuide Mobile Robots ( connects leaders and innovators in the fast-growing material handling technology sector by sharing ideas and promoting advancements in robotics and automation. Rob Sullivan, CEO of AutoGuide Mobile Robots leads a team from the company’s new R&D facility in Chelmsford, MA as well as their recently expanded manufacturing facility co-located with system integration sister company Heartland Automation in Georgetown, KY.

The AutoGuide Mobile Robot team exceeds customers’ needs and expectations by providing superior service as the worldwide leader in advanced technology Mobile Robots. Offering a lean manufacturing value proposition of reducing costs by eliminating transport inefficiencies in factory and warehouse operations by improving worker and product safety, reallocating labor resources to more value-add activities, and increasing delivery throughput and consistency, AutoGuide Mobile Robots provides the shortest lead times and most rapid ROI in the autonomous transportation market.

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