AutoGuide Mobile Robots Demonstrate Industrial Tugger MAX N10 Value for Customers of Any Size

AutoGuide Mobile Robots’ video of the industrial tugger, MAX N10 demonstrates how it can move loads up to 10,000 pounds with no tape, no RFID tags, no magnets, or beacons. Additionally, because no tags and tape are required for natural feature guidance, installation time, and cost are significantly reduced. The MAX N10 mobile robot platform was designed to maximize value for customers of any size. Its purpose built modular platform can be configured to form application specific vehicles with tugger and unit load configurations already in operation at customer facilities. To view the video, go to:

The MAX N10 is manufactured in AutoGuide Mobile Robots’ state-of-the-art assembly plant in Georgetown, KY allowing the vehicle to be delivered in weeks, instead of months. In the tugger configuration, this Class III vehicle is capable of towing loads up to 10,000 pounds at speeds up to 4.0 miles per hour (MPH). It can operate 24/7 with fast opportunity charging orchestrated by the SurePath Fleet Controller.

The MAX N10 platform uses AutoGuide’s SurePath Natural Feature Navigation system; it is easy and affordable to install or modify because it requires no physical guide path system. Users simply drive a vehicle through the facility to map the environment. The mapping data is uploaded wirelessly to the SurePath controller where the AGV path network can be defined including load-unload stations, queuing areas, and opportunity charge locations.

About AutoGuide Mobile Robots:

AutoGuide Mobile Robots ( connects leaders and innovators in the fast-growing material handling technology sector by sharing ideas and promoting advancements in robotics and automation. Rob Sullivan, CEO of AutoGuide Mobile Robots leads a team from the company’s new R&D facility in Chelmsford, MA as well as their recently expanded manufacturing facility co-located with system integration sister company Heartland Automation in Georgetown, KY.

The AutoGuide Mobile Robot team exceeds customers’ needs and expectations by providing superior service as the worldwide leader in advanced technology Mobile Robots. Offering a lean manufacturing value proposition of reducing costs by eliminating transport inefficiencies in factory and warehouse operations by improving worker and product safety, reallocating labor resources to more value-add activities, and increasing delivery throughput and consistency, AutoGuide Mobile Robots provides the shortest lead times and most rapid ROI in the autonomous transportation market.

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