AutoBoss Tinting and Detailing Offers Expanded Services

AutoBoss Tinting and Detailing has recently announced that they will now offer increased services, including car tinting in Toronto.

Car tinting has experienced increased popularity in recent years. Current trends include dyed window tinting, which is the most-cost effective method; metalized window tinting, which effectively blocks heat and reduces glare; ceramic window tinting, which effectively blocks heat, light glare, and UV rays and does not fade over time; and hybrid window tinting, which effectively blocks heat, is increasingly durable, and fades much more slowly than dyed films.

Tinting describes the process of installing a thin laminate film on a vehicle’s interior or exterior of glass surfaces. Benefits include protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, improved privacy, and enhanced security.

In particular, tinting protects the interior of one’s car. This includes reducing the chance of upholstery fading in the sun and preventing thieves from seeing valuables. Reducing solar heat limits the use of air conditioning, which in turn, reduces fuel consumption. Finally, car window tinting strengthens the glass,  keeping windows from shattering on impact.

In Toronto, costs range from $269 CAD and up depending on tint and vehicle make and model. Customers are invited to call, email, or visit AutoBoss in person to discuss pricing.

Headlight tinting services protects lights from chips, dents, and scratches, prevents a foggy and hazy appearance, and allows a vehicle to stand out from the rest with a variety of fun shades.

Taillight tinting services tone down the brightness of LED lights, emphasize the contrast of a light coloured car, or even dramatically match a dark paint job.

In addition to car window tinting, AutoBoss Tinting and Detailing also offers commercial window tinting for offices and other types of buildings. Customers can rest assured that advanced technology and materials are always used. It is believed that offices can save up to 30% in energy bills with tinting windows.

Apart from tinting, AutoBoss Tinting and Detailing also offers car detailing, such as paint correction, hand wash, and full interior detailing services.

In addition, specialties, such as the addition of protective layers to best protect vehicles, are available as well. Paint sealant protects a car’s paintwork and allows it to shine. Scratches and swirls are easily and cost-effectively removed. Headlights are restored to increase visibility. In addition, skilled technicians can also apply Plasti Dip to maintain the finish of the vehicle.

Finally, AutoBoss Tinting and Detailing offers car detailing Boss Packages, such range from $1,200 CAD for small cars, $1,400 CAD for SUVs, and $1,600 CAD for large vans/SUVs. Packages include headlight restoration, steam cleaning, conditioning, polishing, and detailing.

About AutoBoss Tinting and Detailing:

AutoBoss Tinting and Detailing features car lovers who love their clients’ vehicles as much as they love their own. Superior products and materials are always used to make vehicles look and feel pristine. The experienced team at AutoBoss have worked with all types of vehicles. They specialize in and have perfected a variety of innovating tinting techniques.

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