AutoBoss Provides State-of-The-Art Paint Protection Films for Vehicles among Other Car Detailing Services

AutoBoss paint protection film has been a competitive solution in the market.

AutoBoss paint protection film has been a competitive solution in the market. It has thermoplastic polyurethane material that can be easily stretched and installed on used or new cars to protect painted surfaces or even used for headlight tinting. 

The film is a barrier against possible damage to the vehicle’s paintwork. A spokesperson from AutoBoss technical team added, “The film can save time while waxing and polishing, and a light rinse will keep the car clean. The film will shield the paintwork from stone chips, scratches, sand, insect splashes, acid rain, oils, road tar, and bird droppings.” 

AutoBoss’ paint screen protector is also equipped with self-healing technology. If force does not penetrate the film, the surface of the film will continually recover. A potential customer can access these services from the company’s official website.

Specifications of the AutoBoss’ paint protection film:

  • It can also be installed as a headlight tint.
  • Easy to install with good stretch ability.
  • In case of adhesive failure or non-yellowing, the company offers a warranty through its website.
  • It is a durable adhesive with UV stable technology.
  • It is simple to maintain, has self-healing abilities, and no wax is needed.
  • Service free and easy to maintain the surface.
  • It is compatible with most automotive paint furnishes.

To be sure that such film protection is extremely necessary, it is worth considering several parameters that it gives to the body:

  • It does not block the ultraviolet light path, thereby giving uniform color retention of the entire vehicle.
  • Leaves no residue when peeled off. 
  • No special care is needed; the film’s surface can be washed and polished in the same way as before.
  • The coating can easily be washed by any chemical means. 
  • It will become a real paint protection anti-gravel protection.
  • Having covered the car with such a film, one cannot worry about unpleasant surprises in scratches or chips; even minor accidents will not bother them that much.

Investing in AutoBoss protection will keep the car’s paint and paintwork safe from damage scratches from small insects, small road stones, winter sand, and salt for year-round protection. Even though it will last for many years, it is not permanent and can be easily removed if necessary.

About AutoBoss Vaughan

AutoBoss – a Vaughan-based enterprise – is a pioneer in car window tint films. It is a car detailing and tinting company and provides paint protection films as one of its services. Specifically, it provides high-performance films with additional UV and infrared protection and window films equipped with advanced nana-ceramic materials that reduce heat and provide good visibility. This enterprise has been offering customers’ window tint film in a wide variety of colors and sizes, both with advanced technology.

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