Autistic Illustrator Abigail Roscoe Releases New Children’s Book Yuka’s Way Home to Stimulate Important Conversations Surrounding Caribou Conservations

Working under the pen name Abigail Roscoe, Kube hopes Yuka’s Way Home will create more awareness surrounding wildlife through art

Yuka’s Way Home is a story about courage and perseverance, old friends and new ones, as well as fresh beginnings. Yuka’s Way Home is an educational children’s book full of exciting adventures and amazing lessons learned along the way.  

A passionate team member of the Caribou Conservation Breeding Foundation, Roscoe wants to create more awareness about wildlife through art by spreading awareness and creating engaging educational material. Beginning with Yuka’s Way Home, Roscoe plans to make more children’s books that combine wildlife education, indigenous representation, and life lessons.  

Readers will follow Yuka, a caribou who gets lost, separated from his friends and family after an unexpected accident. While the first instinct is to give in to despair and panic, fate has it that Yuka will find a new home amongst new friends. However, things are not as he was used to but are much better than he anticipated.  

“The reason I chose to create this book is that I have a passion for wildlife conservation, and feel as an illustrator, I can present stories that will inspire children to be curious and learn about the natural world around them in a fun, exciting, and creative way. By adding indigenous representation into my book, I can also educate children about the people around the world who depend on our wildlife conservation.” – Abigail “Roscoe” Roscoe 

Yuka’s Way Home is a lesson about new cultures, adaptability, and animal conservation. The book was written to educate children about reindeer, caribou, their similarities and differences, and the Sami culture, creating awareness of longstanding practices under threat.  

Yuka’s Way Home is available now on Amazon by clicking here. For more info on Yuka’s Way Home and to support the cause, please click here


Abigail Roscoe is an Autistic Canadian illustrator living in Europe who is passionate about wildlife and conservation. As a child, stories about animals and nature captivated Roscoe, and she always dreamed of creating something that would inspire a love for nature and animals in others. As a team member of the Caribou Conservation Breeding Foundation, Roscoe plans to increase awareness about wildlife through her art and engaging educational material that combines wildlife education, indigenous representation, and life lessons.

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