Author’s Tranquility Press Works with R. H. Peake to Publish Birds and Other Beasts

Author’s Tranquility Press Works with R. H. Peake to Publish Birds and Other Beasts
Leading publicity and media agency, Author’s Tranquility Press, announces the publication of “Birds and Other Beasts,” a poetry collection celebrating nature and wild things

Author’s Tranquility Press is working with R. H. Peake to get his new project titled Birds and Other Beasts to as many people as possible worldwideThe poetry book offers an amazing collection of poems centered around the wilderness as Peake aims to celebrate nature while corroborating the view of Thoreau about the wilderness.

Peake’s poems reveal “a poet whose ear is attuned to the music of words” His poems abound “in beautiful lines and images: ‘The black-necked waders cry in their wet fields, ‘ for example, and ‘skies the white-faced ibis soars.’ Such lines embody in Fred Chappell’s phrase, ‘the eye’s joy.'” Like Peake’s descriptions of finding a rare green kingfisher, for readers of his poems, “Delight follows discovery.” – John Lang.

Several resources have described wild things and the wilderness using several terms. However, R. H. Peake has taken a poetic angle to explore the wilderness, with his book Birds and Other Beasts including intense love poems and celebrations of birds and trees and lightning bugs. The poet leverages his love for wild things to create narrations about the ecosystem and its different aspects.

Birds and Other Beasts is available on Amazon in different formats for readers worldwide.

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About R H Peake

R H Peake is an Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. An amateur ornithologist, he has published Birds of the Virginia Cumberlands, several collections of poetry, and an academic satire, Jack, Be Nimble, leveraging his experiences living and teaching in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia for over four decades and working for sensible reclamation laws.

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