Author’s Tranquility Press Publishes Donald Thomas’ Globally-Rated Book On Amazon

About Baxter MacPherson’s life journey woven with a lot of special events

Author’s Tranquility Press publishes Donald Thomas’ globally-rated fiction on Amazon. The book, Baxter’s Butterflies, gives an account of Baxter MacPherson’s fascinating life journey as he searches for answers to the list of questions he had concerning his unique personality. It also takes readers on Baxter’s journey into self-discovery as he encounters diverse characters and personalities along the way. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with no import fee deposit. Alternatively, the Kindle eBook is available and can be accessed from any device with the free Kindle App.

Baxter wondered so much why he acted differently from normal people as he was able to use 99 percent of his brain unlike 8 to 10 percent of average people. As he grew, he discovered that he was born to a family of prodigies. However, this reason did not suffice to satisfy his curiosity as he desperately craved to fit into the league of normal people. He just wanted to have regular conversations like his peers and interact normally with friends. He also desired to be accepted, loved, and respected as he felt lonely most of the time.

It was at this point he embarked on a journey of self-discovery. However, the big question is, “was his journey successful or not?” The answer to this question lies within the creative pages of Baxter’s Butterflies. As readers continue to open every page, they will be amazed at the very things Baxter encountered during his journey, including how he met people from different classes of society: the rich and the poor; the good and the bad, the humble and the egocentric narcissists. His experiences shaped his perspective of life and deposited an urge in him to form an organization that will serve as an umbrella, promoting the interests of everyone in the society irrespective of their class, stratum, or age. Again, was he successful or not?

Donald Thomas wove every line of the book with sheer creativity and suspense to keep readers longing for more. The book is captivating and life-impactful. It teaches people how to discover themselves, find purpose and embrace their uniqueness. Baxter’s Butterflies has attracted a lot of mind-boggling 5-star reviews from different parts of the world, including 3 global ratings and 3 global reviews. According to Bonne Aitken, ” I really enjoyed this book. The author takes the reader along on Baxter MacPherson’s amazing life’s journey and all the interesting characters he intertwines with along the way. It is evident Donald Thomas has put a great deal of imagination and research in his writing.”

“I really enjoyed Donald’s book. It was captivating, and I really enjoyed reading it. I give Don’s book a five-star rating,” said Bernie Arnold.

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