Author’s Tranquility Press Presents: “Let Them Be Not Forgotten” – Eulogies from the Heart of a Country Churchyard

Author's Tranquility Press Presents: "Let Them Be Not Forgotten" - Eulogies from the Heart of a Country Churchyard
Celebrating the Lives of the “Greatest Generation” and Beyond

In a world that often hurries past the stories of ordinary people, Michael Smathers, in his book “Let Them Be Not Forgotten,” available on Amazon, beautifully captures the essence of lives that might have gone unnoticed but should never be forgotten. These are not just obituaries, as local undertakers may call them, but poignant eulogies delivered by the author at the funeral services of 52 individuals he assisted in burying.

Smathers’ heartwarming collection of eulogies unveils the life stories of these everyday heroes. They are the unsung individuals, many belonging to what’s affectionately referred to as the “greatest generation.” Through their lives, these people helped shape and define the American character throughout the 20th century. In these heartfelt tributes, the author shines a light on their character, contributions, personalities, and indomitable spirits.

However, “Let Them Be Not Forgotten” is more than just a series of eulogies. Within its pages lie meditations of comfort and hope, words spoken at the funerals of those who have departed. The book serves as a timeless bridge that connects the living with the memories of those who have moved on. It’s a testament to the enduring human spirit and the idea that the stories of everyday individuals contain profound wisdom and inspiration.

Michael Smathers embarked on this endeavor with a noble purpose – to ensure that those who have passed away are not forgotten. He also seeks to provide solace and guidance to those who remain, helping them maintain communion with their loved ones who have journeyed into the great beyond.

As you read “Let Them Be Not Forgotten,” you’ll come to appreciate the richness of these unsung stories and the profound impact these individuals have had on our lives and our society. Michael Smathers’ eulogies and meditations offer a comforting embrace to those who grieve and an enduring tribute to those who deserve to be remembered.

About the Author

Michael Smathers is not just an author; he’s a storyteller with a unique calling. His work, “Let Them Be Not Forgotten,” reveals his remarkable ability to transform ordinary lives into extraordinary tales of inspiration. As an active participant in the funerals of 52 individuals, he carries their stories forward to remind us of the indomitable spirit of the human experience.

Michael’s dedication to crafting these eulogies is not just an act of remembrance but a service to humanity, ensuring that the lives and legacies of those who have passed away remain alive in our hearts. In “Let Them Be Not Forgotten,” Michael Smathers masterfully illuminates the lives of everyday people, showcasing their unique contributions to our shared human story.

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