Author’s Tranquility Press: New book “The Rocky Road to Peace of Mind: Negotiating the Ongoing Grief Walk” offers comfort and guidance in times of grief

Author Sylvia Bryden-Stock shares her personal experience and offers insight and encouragement for those who have lost a loved one and are struggling with grief. The book, published by Author’s Tranquility Press, is now available on Amazon.

Grief is a journey that is never easy, and Sylvia knows this firsthand. Following her husband’s passing from Dementia’s disease, Sylvia struggled to come to terms with her loss. Her book, “The Rocky Road to Peace of Mind: Negotiating the Ongoing Grief Walk,” shares her personal experience and offers support for those who are also struggling with grief.

Sylvia’s book is not a one-size-fits-all solution to grief. Instead, she offers comfort and guidance for those who are experiencing grief in their own unique way. Through illustrative examples, Sylvia’s book offers insight into the grieving process and helps readers better cope with their personal loss.

“Grief is not something that can be logically ‘put in a box,'” Sylvia explains. “It is a personal journey that can be confusing and overwhelming. My hope is that my book offers comfort and encouragement to those who are struggling with their grief.”

In “The Rocky Road to Peace of Mind,” Sylvia shares her personal journey and offers guidance for those who are also experiencing grief. She emphasizes that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, and encourages readers to find their own path towards healing.

“I hope that my book helps readers find some peace and comfort in the midst of their grief,” Sylvia explains. “It is my sincere hope that readers will find solace and encouragement as they navigate this difficult journey.”

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