Author’s Tranquility Press Introduces “Given Away” – A Riveting Memoir by Olan Hill

Author's Tranquility Press Introduces "Given Away" - A Riveting Memoir by Olan Hill
A Poignant Memoir of Heartbreak, Resilience, and the Journey to Finding Home

Author’s Tranquility Press is delighted to announce the release of “Given Away” by Olan Hill, a compelling memoir that delves into the profound impact of heartbreak, resilience, and the relentless quest for a sense of belonging. This poignant narrative takes readers on an emotional journey, navigating the depths of despair and celebrating the triumph of the human spirit.

In “Given Away,” Olan Hill shares his true-life story with unwavering honesty, recounting the pivotal moment at the age of nine when he heard the haunting words, “Your dad has given you away,” uttered by his stepmother with a sinister smile. As the story unfolds, readers are transported to October in California, where Olan’s world is packed into a small cardboard box on the front porch of his home in Bean Town, just outside Clovis.

The heartbreak of being given away by his father sets Olan on a journey 1500 miles away from everything he knows. The memoir unravels his struggles, hopes, and dreams, providing a visceral exploration of the harsh realities he faced. “Given Away” is not merely a personal account; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of storytelling.

“Given Away” stands out with its candid approach to storytelling. Without blame, anger, or hatred, Olan Hill shares his experiences—the good, the bad, and the indifferent. The memoir serves as an evocative exploration of the complexities of family, resilience, and the quest for identity. Hill’s narrative is enriched by an interweaving of family history, offering a glimpse into the lives of his grandparents during the challenging days of the Great Depression.

This memoir resonates with readers seeking an emotional journey that goes beyond personal struggles, connecting the threads of the past to the tapestry of Hill’s life. “Given Away” is a testament to the power of storytelling to heal wounds and inspire hope.

About the Author

Olan Hill’s life-changing journey is not just about personal challenges; it’s about finding a voice amidst adversity. While “Given Away” captures the essence of Hill’s experiences, it also reflects his commitment to sharing stories that transcend individual narratives, resonating with a broader audience.

“Given Away” by Olan Hill is now available on Amazon.

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