Author Terry L. Cook Releases His New Sci-Fi Novel Titled, The Duke Of Hell, The World’s Final Dictator

Author Terry L. Cook Releases His New Sci-Fi Novel Titled, The Duke Of Hell, The World’s Final Dictator

There have been many entries in the science-fiction book genre, but some outstanding authors have pushed the boundaries by releasing extremely fresh and stunning ideas. Terry L. Cook’s new novel, the “Duke of Hell,” is quickly gaining the reputation of being one such book.

The Duke Of Hell is a science fiction novel and the plot revolves around a complex interwoven series of planned calamites that are sweeping the world via a number of horrible Earth-shaking events. Indeed, global economies are crumbling rapidly and it seems as if the world is simply doomed. The book involves a massively evil global conspiracy, the details of which have kept many readers at the edge of their seats.

This amazing new science-fiction novel describes a world that is on the brink of complete destruction. The novel begins in 2020 and shares that the world is afflicted with chaos, famine and food shortages. Plus, there are many local wars everywhere and rumors of even larger international wars on the horizon. While it seems that mankind is at its final hour, the book takes readers through an exciting journey that unveils many mysteries from the Dark World. This includes a devilish global Satanic conspiracy that has been Prophesied for thousands of years.  

This new book has received praise for being an enthralling read throughout. It features an interesting cast of characters. The most liked aspect was the story that grips readers and does not let them go until the very end. Many readers commented on the excellent use of science fiction elements, combined with an interwoven mystery. As the story surrounds a fight to preserve the final generation from a cataclysmic end, readers cannot help finishing the book to find out more and more.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response Mr. Cook has received from this first Duke Of Hell novel, he is now planning a series of sequels in the future.

The Duke of Hell, The World’s Final Dictator, is available currently on, but readers can more quickly get their own copy from the Book’s official website at! At this website is also an official video trailer that allows readers to learn more about the book and its premise.

For more information, or to get a copy of it today, please visit the Book’s official website at: Yes, get your very own copy of The Duke of Hell, The World’s Final Dictator today!

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