Author Shereen Yap launches her debut poetry collection

After successfully releasing many artworks and publishing many stories, author cum artist Shereen Tap has announced the launch of her debut poetry book named ‘C H A R L I E’. Using the magic of words, Yap describes the thoughts of the character named Charlie who is called as a ‘dark brilliant soul’.

The author explains that humans are born without a name until someone gives them a name. Charlie had no name until he was unconventionally bestowed upon and his personality was born. Using the poetic words, she explores the mysterious and fascinating mind of “Charlie-a man” who struggles to survive the modern, technologically advanced and fast-paced world. The poetry as a whole is basically, the thoughts of Charlie and his words only. He is a thinker and his words are known to be of wisdom.

Shereen Yap is based in Sydney Australia and has a passion for creating stories through artwork and writings. She believes in exploring more and more and not limiting herself to one theme that is why her artwork and writings touch a variety of topics. One of her running artwork theme named “This Bear” is inspired by her fascination with teddy bears since a young age. She has a deep love for bears and grizzlies too which has inspired many of her artworks and stories.

‘This Bear’ allowed Shereen to express her thoughts in an artistic manner. Some of the bears that she has created have their backs facing towards the people and some have their faces scarred among others to express various emotions. The artists invite interpretation from the audiences rather than imposing her own views or emotions on it.

Shereen takes her inspiration from a lot of things such as books, conversations, scenes from her dreams and much more.

More information about her artwork and the poetry book Charlie can be found at her official website.

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