Author Shawn Geegbae is Releasing his Latest Romantic Comedy, “12 Days To Love” on Feb 12th

12 Days To Love takes the readers on a cosmic journey of love and laughter, blending romance with the charm of all zodiac signs.

Author Shawn Geegbae’s highly anticipated romantic comedy novel, “12 Days To Love,” will be released on major platforms, including Amazon, on Monday, 12th February 2024. Set in the colorful background of the DC Metro region, the book follows the themes of astrology, humor, and the unpredictable nature of romance. 

The book’s plot revolves around the charming Alex Williams, a Washington, DC professional who finds himself love-struck with his company’s new employee, Jennifer Aubrey. While collaborating on a project with Jennifer, Alex felt sparks flying. Their professional relationship grew into friendship and something more until a miscommunication left Alex devastated by their breakup.

Alex’s labors to win Jennifer’s heart lead him to a mysterious psychic offering a magical potion promising irresistibility. Eager to reclaim lost love, Alex drinks the potion, expecting immediate results. Still, in a twist of fate, the psychic’s solution becomes a dilemma, leading him into an unexpected and enchanting journey through all 12 zodiac signs.

From Aries’s fiery passion to Pisces’s thoughtful nature, Alex finds himself stuck in a whirlwind of experiences that challenge his understanding of love and compatibility. The only way out? He must navigate the diverse spectrum of personalities associated with each zodiac sign.

Shawn expresses his gratitude and teases about his upcoming book, “I’m thrilled to share ’12 Days To Love’ with readers. It’s a heartwarming journey through love, laughter, and the quirks of the zodiac. I hope it brings joy and a touch of magic to everyone’s day”.

Shawn Geegbae’s “12 Days To Love” is not just a rom-com; it explores the intricacies of relationships, wrapped in humor and relatable moments. It takes the readers through a journey filled with twists and turns of love, showing that the path to true love is sometimes written in the stars.

Targeting those who are hopeless romantics or skeptics of the stars, Shawn’s brilliant mind will provide an unparalleled storytelling experience, captivating audiences across the globe. He invites readers to laugh, reflect, and believe in the magic of love. Prepare to be enchanted as “12 Days To Love” hits bookshelves on February 12. 

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About Shawn Geegbae: 

Shawn Geegbae is an American author and writer based in Northern Virginia. A finance graduate from Syracuse University and a former commodity broker on Wall Street, Shawn discovered his passion for storytelling. As a Ronald E. McNair Achievement Scholar and a national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega member, Shawn Geegbae infuses his writing with a unique blend of wit, wisdom, and warmth. His literary works, including “Cupid/Valentino” and “Harry’s Bearded Adventures,” showcase his talent for entertaining and inspiring readers.

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