Author shares a gripping true-life story that is a must read for all

January 18, 2021 – Dale Chimenti, author and business man tells a powerful story of his one-man attempt to survive against all odds in a story of strength and profound personal transformation. 

What began as a carefree family vacation in Cozumel Mexico became a nightmarish struggle for survival. The author tells his tale of helplessly drifting away from shore on a disabled jet-ski into the vast reaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Separated from the Jet-ski and swimming for his life, he recounts the days of utter desolation in gripping fashion. The specter of sharks, snakes, and unspoken terrors of the deep ocean … all the fears one shudders to consider are present in the telling.

The “dialogue” of his thoughts as the days of solitary desperation passed are examined in excruciatingly ominous detail. A vivid description of his outer body experience that only being isolated and stranded at sea alone could elicit out of an individual and it has made a lasting impact on his view of life today.

In equally compelling fashion the author outlines the drama of events that unfolded as his family attempted to communicate the urgency of his disappearance to a legion of uninterested, heedless Mexican officials.

His message to readers today is more relevant than it ever has been given the current state of the world of politics, uncertainty, and doubt. A powerful story of one man’s attempt to survive the unsurvivable, a celebration of the potential that resides within all of us, the indomitable will to win will provide the motivation for anyone who believes they are tasked with unsurmountable challenges and give them the confidence that they will be able to persevere in spite of the challenge they are facing today.

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