Author, Matt Hutcheson, to Release New Book “HERO, Man in the Arena, The Untold Story of Rod Blagojevich”

Rod Blagojevich was charged with corruption and sentenced 14 years in prison. Matt Hutcheson’s book will expose all the lies and intrigues that led to the incarceration of the man Americans love the call “the gov”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – March 11, 2020 – American stories of heroism have always inspired the generation of young people. In the spirit of continuing the tradition, Matt Hutcheson through the publisher, Jay Inman, has just released the book titled “HERO, Man in the Arena, The Untold Story of Rod Blagojevich.”

The book discusses the life of Rod Blagojevich in very exciting details, from his Amateur boxing career to his political ambition as he became the governor of Illinois in 2003.

Readers will be able to discover what most people do not know about this intriguing and controversial personality.

In addition to the incredible stories, readers will also learn about what Matt Hutcheson, a federal prisoner who lived a few cells down from the former governor at the Englewood federal prison camp, has to say about him.

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Matt Hutcheson is an author with insight, always taking his audience on an incredible journey of discovery. The purpose of this book about Rod Blagojevich is to enlighten the public regarding the true nature of the man, against the falsehood peddled in the major news media.

The book is an eye-opener for people who seek and desire the truth and are ready to face the facts, rather than put their entire faith on the traditional news media.

Matt Hutcheson is motivated by nothing but the desire to expose the truth about this matter and let the whole world see. The author’s assertions in this book are based on research and testimonials by those who are witnesses of what truly transpired.

There is much to learn and understand in this book, not just because of the personality involved, but because for human society to progress, the truth must overcome sentiments and falsehood.

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