Author Lori Armstrong Takes a Stand against Bullying

Author Lori Armstrong grew tired of the reckless hatred and bullying that can leave lifelong scars. The senseless act of bullying has recently been witnessed all over the world. She wanted to write a children’s book series that not only addressed the rampant bullying but also discusses other topics that children, unfortunately, can relate to.

California – March 23, 2021 – She wanted to make a difference and created a mission which she titledWrite for ChangeThe main character in The Adventures of Bubbly Jock Jack 4-part book series is a lovable wild turkey, Bubbly Jock Jack, who devises brilliant turkey plans in order to help children find solutions to their problems. 

Each book touches on a different topic. The first book has been published with a great deal of success amongst children, parents and educators, winning two book awards. 

She needs your help to make this dream of peace a reality. With help from her daughter, they created a Kickstarter Campaign to cover the illustration, publication and shipping costs in order to deliver inspiration books to children’s charities, foster homes, libraries, animal sanctuaries and more. 

Book 1: 

BUBBLY JOCK JACK AND THE THANKSGIVING FALLACY,which not only explores the universal theme of being true to oneself and knowing your self-worth. Six to ten-year-old fans will be introduced to the topic of kindness to animals and plant-based options. This book is in no way “preachy” or driven by a right or wrong way to live your life. This book is more about options our children can be introduced to… allowing them to understand and appreciate the differences of the human race. Most important of all is to know their SELF-WORTH. 

This book won first place in the Humor Category for children 

AND second place in the Animal/Pet Category for children through Dragonfly Book Awards!!   

Book 2: 

BUBBLY JOCK JACK AND THE JIVE TURKEY touches on the all too common topic of bullies and how to deal with bullies. This story can also help bullies understand how their actions can harm others and how to change their lives in a positive way.   

“No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.” 

Book 3: 

BUBBLY JOCK JACK AND THE BOSSY BUNNY explores the cancellation culture. While there may be times in life when we should walk away from someone abusing us or constantly hurting us, it is important to reflect on maintaining friendships that matter. Just because your friend simply voices a different opinion than your own, realize that not everyone is going to agree with your opinion and that is okay. 

Shaming others is lowering yourself to the level of a bossy pants. Be respectful and understand when it is important to walk away.   

Book 4: 

Bubbly Jock Jack and the Misunderstood Goose touches on the topic of treating those who look different than us with respect. Learn about your friend’s culture and share your differences. 

Never assume you know a person without taking the time to communicate. Judging someone when you may not know what they are going through or where they came from is unkind. 

This children’s book series is like no other 

Lori began her career in the legal field, working for a district attorney’s office for nearly ten years, and later moving to a small county town in the mountains, pursuing her writing career full-time.   

After her big move, she was offered a position as a published court reporter, covering criminal court stories for her local newspaper with weekly publications of reality and truths. She has currently written over 266 true crime articles – 

Her latest mission is LIVE on Kickstarter. This is a 4-part book series of The Adventures of Bubbly Jock Jack, starring the main character Bubbly Jock Jack who is a wild turkey. Bubbly Jock Jack confronts the tough issues of bullying, compassion, self-worth and through humor and genuine kindness. Armstrong hopes to raise enough money to donate to foster homes, children’s charities, libraries and more. 

Her book manuscripts began with ghostwriting several novels, one being for the daughter of a real-life mobster, expanding her services to composing and co-authoring several successful book projects. 

Her book portfolio grew after she was hired by Michael Jackson’s friend to co-author and publish Behind the Gates of Neverland – Conversations with Michael Jackson, an up-close memoir about the friendship her co-author (Ray Robledo) shared with the generous, kind and often misunderstood Michael Jackson. The books remain successful as many people believe in Michael and not the untruths stimulated by greed and the media. 

More of her books can be found on Amazon and her website: along with the many services she offers to new authors.  

She divides her writing time between ghostwriting, editing and writing her own inspirational children’s books and novels.  

When Lori was asked how she is able to write true crime stories and inspirational children’s books she responded, “The colorful and comical Bubbly Jock Jack stories bring balance to my brain. After all don’t we need to laugh a bit? Humor has become my therapy and I am grateful to be able to smile during these trying times. One sweet day at a time.” 

The gifts she is most grateful for are her daughter, son and the gift of writing. 

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