Author Linda Freeny Offers Her Two Books DEJA VU and Nobody\’s Angel At Amazon

Ventura, CA – April 24, 2018 – Linda Freeny has always been fascinated by and loves page turners, novels that cannot be put down until the reader finishes the story. When she began her writing career it was to create such page turners, along with convoluted plots and always a twist at the end.   It was with great appreciation that several of her readers verified that she achieved her goal and also a television review interview on an author’s channel.  

Nobody’s Angel is her newest release. A detective, David Kincaid, cannot accept the fact that the “Jane Doe” overdose in a filthy garbage filled alley is accidental and not by the hand of a murderer. Something about her bothers him, thinking he should know her.  His hunch is vindicated when the trail to discover who she was, leads him back to his hometown, and the older woman who seduced him when he was only sixteen. She is also the girl’s mother.

He is surprised and angry to find out that the woman from his past still has the ability to draw him to her, and still fascinated by her and her power over him that he can’t ignore.

The trail to the girl’s murder lies either back in New York where she was found, or the small sleepy town where it appears that the girl was nobody’s angel, and reason to suspect her killer came from there.

Suspects become victims as several people die in the pursuit of who killed her and why, and the answer when it came was the ultimate betrayal.

Another book release by Linda Freeny is about yet another detective, a New York City detective who sought refuse in a job with the Sherriff’s department in Santa Barbara, away, or so he thought, from the case in New York that still gives him nightmares.  He was not prepared for the murder of a husband and a wife killed in their bed as if killed while they just lay there and slept. It has all the elements of the case that had him fleeing over four thousand miles. The case has many twists and turns, the suspects many, and the final conclusion almost as costly to his psychological being as the earlier case.

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About Linda Freeny:

Linda Freeny was born and raised in England. She is now an American citizen.  Early on, before she started to write, she was inspired by authors like Mary Higgins Clark, Sidney Sheldon, and Agatha Christie. She was attracted by the page turner mysteries they wrote which led to several mysteries of her own. She has since gone onto to other genres, but still with the element of suspense that captures readers. Thanks to Pro-Link Publishing and a caring devoted staff, and in particular, her handler, Elle Mayer, who not only helps but listens.  So often when bouncing off ideas to those who care, a novel is born. Her books and more to come are now a reality with her novels being introduced and available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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