Author Jolanta Sikorski Offers a Compelling Narrative on Family Relationships in ‘Regaining the Loss’

‘Regaining the Loss’ is a heartwarming story that will take the readers on a journey through three generations of women in a single family.  Natalia, the matriarch, wants to share her passion for arts and culture with her granddaughter Ania, but Ania’s mother, Mariola, is too caught up in her own goals to appreciate her mother’s wisdom.

Narrated from Ania’s perspective, the readers will experience her self-discovery as she pursues higher education and travels overseas. Through her journey, Ania discovers the disagreements that have plagued her family for years…

The author of this incredible story is a distinguished psychologist and writer who chose to remain anonymous solely for this book, using the pen name Jolanta Sikorski.

The book was widely acclaimed as a powerful and compassionate guide to healing after a loss.

The story starts with Ania, a 16-year-old girl who inherited her grandmother’s house in London. She is moving back to England after living with her parents on the holiday island of Koh Samui, Thailand since she was five.

Interspersed throughout Ania’s journey are extracts from Natalie’s Diary, a valuable guide left behind by her grandmother to help her navigate the challenges of life. These entries offer a fascinating insight into Natalie’s complex relationship with her daughter, Mariola, and the differing values that drove them apart.

The third part of each chapter is “A ghost story”, in which the grandmother Natalie, already in limbo and awaiting a decision regarding her future, is constantly present around her beloved granddaughter, telepathically suggesting most of her movements. 

As Natalie reflects on her own mistakes in life, she fears whether she will be accepted into heaven, adding a poignant and emotional layer to the story.

Through Ania’s academic career and her grandmother’s ghostly presence, this compelling narrative explores the intricacies of family relationships and the challenges of navigating life’s twists and turns. 

‘Regaining the Loss ‘is already receiving high praise from readers and experts in the field and is being called a “must read” for anyone looking for hope and healing after a loss.

This beautifully written and thoughtfully crafted book is poised to become a classic in grief and loss.

It is available on websites, bookstores and online retailers, e.g. Amazon everywhere.

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