Author John Meredith Takes Readers On a Memorable Voyage With His New Book “Full Ahead Both: A Life of Ships, Spies, and Seaports”

Renowned maritime expert and author, John E. Meredith, invites readers to embark on the voyage of a lifetime in his new book, “Full Ahead Both: A Life of Ships, Spies, and Seaports”. This is the epic story of the author’s life on and around the sea, providing readers a firsthand, vivid, and immersive experience.  

The author’s story revolves around traveling the globe, meeting kings and queens (including Queen Elizabeth II), having merry moments on cruise liners, drinking vodka with Russian spies, all while being blessed with a lovely and supportive family.

“I certainly didn’t expect maritime life to entail spies, minefields, and a cat with a war medal. Even as a weathered seafarer with water in his blood, no day was like the last,” the author says., “Our tomorrows, no matter if a carefree dream or well-planned, will always be a mystery. Change is the only constant; the key is to harness it and create life opportunities that make a difference.”

“Full Ahead Both: A Life of Ships, Spies, and Seaports” explores the author’s adventurous seafaring career right from when he fled England during the war to becoming a pioneer of the modern shipping industry.

Meredith’s vivid attention to detail and his ability to transport his readers back to his days and nights on the sea makes “Full Ahead Both: A Life of Ships, Spies, and Seaports” an enthralling and page-turning read. 

While recounting his swashbuckling exploits, he also explores themes of perseverance, the connection between humans and the sea, and self-discovery.

“Full Ahead Both: A Life of Ships, Spies, and Seaports” is available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover formats on  Amazon.and other online book retail platforms.

About the Author

Captain John E. Meredith CBE, originally from the United Kingdom, embarked on a comprehensive ten-year journey of education and practical training to acquire his qualifications as a Master Mariner. Throughout his illustrious career at sea, spanning a remarkable 18 years, he made regular voyages to Hong Kong, where his profound fascination with Asia took root. Captain Meredith served on an array of vessels, ranging from general cargo ships to state-of-the-art cruise liners, oil tankers, and troopships.

In recent times, Dr. Meredith held the esteemed position of Deputy Chairman at Hutchison Port Holdings Limited (HPH), a colossal port holding company he established in Hong Kong in 1972. HPH proudly stands as the largest entity of its kind globally, encompassing an impressive network of 56 ports situated across 27 countries.

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