Author Deniz Yalim launches the motivational and spiritual book cum guide ‘7 Days of Mindful Living’

Author Deniz Yalim has announced the release of his latest book named ‘7 Days of Mindful Living: Mindful steps to enhance your life expectancy’ to guide the readers for living a better and happier life. The book is a spiritual guide to help the reader in achieving happiness and peace in their life so that they can live and enjoy every moment of it. The book is designed for the ones who’re looking forward to meditation for a better lifestyle as well as those who are longtime practitioners. In simple terms, the book is meant for anyone who needs mindfulness in their life.

The book describes some of the best mindfulness-enhancing exercises that help the reader to identify, tolerate and reduce the negative, frightful and difficult thoughts and sensations in their mind. It gives the reader the ability to control their thoughts and feelings.“The awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment to moment (Kabat-Zinn, 2003).”

Mindfulness focuses on making the user aware of their internal and external worlds while allowing them to accept the present moment to keep the distressing memories and future worries away. It is a process that allows the reader to free from the shackles of the negativity and fill out positive energy in their life. Practicing mindfulness exercises also enables the user to plan for the future while overcoming the fear of failure and what has not happened yet.

Some of the examples of mindlessness, as explained in this book are clumsiness, accidents because of carelessness, lack of focus, failing to notice feelings of pain, tension, physical discomfort. Forgetting someone’s name immediately, lost in thoughts and feelings while not being aware of the present moment, too much of daydreaming, substance abuse, emotional un-stability and eating without being aware of eating are some more signs that show mindlessness.

The book explains that having some or most of these things in the lifestyle are signs of being a normal human being yet to achieve mindfulness, the person has to take a leap forward towards the right direction. The book teaches the reader the same thing that is to follow the spiritual path through easy exercises and meditation which will ultimately help them to conquer their mind and lead towards a better and happier life. A number of other mindful strategies are also explained in the book 7 Says of Mindful Living’ and more information about the same can be found on

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