Author Cheetah Richards launches her new book ‘’Summoned Souls’’

This new book entitled ‘Summoned Souls’ is a suspense thriller based on a true story, that involves a murder, mayhem, betrayal,passion, intrigue,infidelity, and sexual obsession. The story is based in the 19th Century and the author manages to depict the experiences of a convict in a very convincing manner.

The story features the events of a young beautiful Welsh woman’s trial and conviction that leads to violence and some heart-wrenching situations. The author describes the gripping journey of the characters, some of whom attempt to discover their nightmare circumstances related to the deaths that took place. The historical background is the major highlight of Cheetah Richards’ story as it allows the reader to journey back through time to fully experience the emotions of those who fought insanity in order to survive in the early 1800s.

The story begins around the Althorp Manor, England,from where the tried and convicted are transported to NSW on a nightmarish journey, finally arriving at Port Jackson. The story of the main protagonist quickly progresses from a hasty marriage to a ticket of leave man, to their life at a landholding in gunning NSW Australia. While the husband manages to prosper using dubious means, his Welsh wife, an epitome of beauty,is haunted by isolation in a loveless and selfish marriage. As a result, she starts indulging in infidelity with lustful frolicking in the absence of her husband, unleashing her conscience and summoning the demon inside. 

The story features some interesting characters with whom the readers will be able to connect on different levels, despite them being based in the 19th Century. The plot takes a heinous turn, when a horrific axe murder takes place, followed by denial, conviction, and sentencing, resulting in hanging and heads decapitated in the name of scientific research. The entire turn of events is featured on the front page of SydneyMorning Herald.

About Author

Cheetah Richards was born in London, England and currently resides in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia. Since a very young age, she traveled around the world. Her latest book, ‘Summoned Souls’ is a historic novel based on a true story. Cheetah has always been passionate about history and biographies, which have led her to explore the events of the convict era and weave together the threads of those who lived back in the convict days for all to read and acknowledge. She is currently in the process of completing her next novel, named “The Barrier Nightingale” a graphic account which chronicles a true fervent story of a captains obsessional love for one woman known as The Barrier Nightingale, with the story developing and unfolding around The Great Barrier Island, in New Zealand.

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