Author Cathy Long Releases Gripping Memoir: “The Cambodian Family” Sheds Light on Surviving the Khmer Rouge Regime

Author Cathy Long pens a poignant memoir, “The Cambodian Family,” recounting the harrowing experiences of survival and resilience amidst the tragic atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. Long’s gripping narrative sheds light on the horrors of that era while emphasizing the enduring power of hope, faith, and the pursuit of democracy.

The Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror during those four years marked one of the most devastating chapters in the 20th century, characterized by mass killings, starvation, diseases, and a brutal regime under the leadership of Marxist leader Pol Pot. Through the lens of her own family’s survival, Long paints a vivid picture of the unspeakable suffering endured by innocent people.

“My family and I were fortunate to survive the Khmer Rouge regime, and I believe that maintaining hope, positive self-esteem, and a resilient spirit were essential in our survival,” shares Cathy Long. “Our prayers and commitment to survival amidst tragedy were crucial.”

In her poignant memoir, Long emphasizes the universal desire for democracy and the fundamental need for people worldwide to be treated justly by their governments. She reflects on the yearning for freedom and opportunity, depicting America as a land of peace, warmth, and safety, offering hope and a new beginning for those seeking refuge.

Long’s memoir is a touching tribute to the innocent lives lost during the Khmer Rouge regime. Her heartfelt prayer encompasses a wish for eternal peace for her loved ones and all who perished, paying homage to their memory.

The book is available on Amazon in the Hardcover format, consisting of 141 pages written in the English language. 

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