Author and Executive Coach, Marilyn Fettner, releases – Insider’s Guide to Executive Coaching: How to Improve Productivity and Communication in Workplace

Marilyn Fettner, principal at Fettner Career and Life Coaching, has released a new book, “Insider’s Guide to Executive Coaching”, which offers valuable insights and information on the benefits of executive coaching and how to find the right coach for your needs. This detailed guide is full of useful tips and advice on how executive coaching can help improve decision making, relationships, and communication at work.

Author Marilyn Fettner writes, “Executive coaching has become an indispensable tool for top business leaders and professionals worldwide, as improving their performance, success, and reaching their goals requires undivided attention and daily dedication. Many of these people have discovered that working with a professional coach can help them gain valuable insights, reignite passion and focus, provide challenging yet attainable goals and offer constructive feedback, while breaking through the mental blocks hindering progress.”

CEOs and other leaders who engage leadership advice from outside sources can often learn important skills, make better decisions, boost productivity, and lead their companies to success. The goal of executive coaching is to help people understand their strengths and weaknessesand work with them to utilize strategies to improve performance, with a plan to reach their goals.

About Marilyn Fettner

Marilyn Fettner is a certified career coach and counselor with over 25 years of experience helping individuals improve their personal and professional lives. She offers personalized coaching services to help clients build realistic plans for success and satisfaction. Fettner Career and Life Coaching uses an integrative approach to address the interconnectedness of career, relationships, and other life issues, providing practical solutions and strategies for her clients.

Executives who want to gain professional insight and improve performance with this engaging guide, can purchase “Insider’s Guide to Executive Coaching” at Amazon.

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