Authenticate Pro, Inc. launches a mobile app that tackles counterfeit merchandise

Brings together buyers, sellers, and expert to save the billions lost every year to the black market

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Authenticate Pro, Inc. is proud to announce their new Kickstarter project, the Authenticate Pro App, which is bound to change the course of history. Every year, manufacturers, seller, retailers, and buyers lose at least 1.7 trillion dollars to counterfeit items sold in the market. This app is designed to reduce the effect, by bringing together buyers, sellers, and experts, to ensure that every item is authenticated. Everyone will benefits from this as buyers will have more confidence in the product and get good value for their money, while sellers will make more sales.

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“The World has a Counterfeit Merchandise Crisis. Trillions of counterfeit items are being sold in the market which is bad for the economy, bad for the sellers, and a terrible experience for buyers as well. We’ve created this app to solve the problem of counterfeit products and put more money into the pockets of the right people. The app is easy to use and it offers peace of mind to consumers. In God we trust, and everything else we authenticate,” said Ray Salem, CEO of Authenticate Pro, Inc.

Authenticate Pro app is going to be the next big thing in the world of merchandising. For the first time, a company is using the power of technology to provide help for brands, by reducing the effects of the black market and counterfeiters. The app is easy to use. All sellers and buyers need to do is to take pictures of the product and upload it on the app. An expert will look into the product and then make a suggestion on the authenticity.

Currently, Authenticate Pro, Inc. has experts for more than 30 brands in the market. These professionals who have many years of experience in such brands and can easily figure out the difference between an original product and a counterfeit in seconds.

In addition to having access to the app, retailers and sellers who back the project will receive authentication request credits, patent zip ties, price tags, front door decal, tri-fold brochures, and banner. Backers have about 10 pledge options to back the project on Kickstarter ranging from $1 to $10,000, which determines the level of credits and benefits they get. All of these items will make it easier for retailers and sellers to show themselves as a store that is committed to selling only products that are authentic.

About Authenticate Pro, Inc.

Authenticate Pro, Inc. is a technology company offering innovative solutions in the marketplace. Their desire is to help brands, sellers, and retailers increase profit using their Authenticate Pro app. For more information, please contact 800-395-7172,, or visit

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