Australia Seeks Brazilian Architects To Earn Upwards Of $90,000

Australia Seeks Brazilian Architects To Earn Upwards Of $90,000
Australia is the country with the best hourly wage in the world, which is usually seven times higher than in Brazil.

Due to its excellent quality of life index, the United Nations Organization (UN) declared Australia as the second-best country in the world to live. But not only is it a great place for its residents, but the Australian government also has a permanent program to obtain a permanent residence visa, where an Architect can earn a minimum of $90,000 P.A.

The ‘Australian Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs’, the Hon David Coleman MP, said “the Government’s migration program is focussed on ensuring employers can access workers to fill critical skills shortages in Australia. We’re directing migration to those cities that are crying out for more people and those economies that simply cannot fill jobs with local workers.”

The migration program also continues to focus on growing the Australian economy and filling skills gaps, with over 100,000 visas granted under the Skill stream of the 2019 program.

“Skilled migrants have high employment participation rates, low unemployment rates, and good annual earnings,” Mr Coleman said. “We’ll continue to back those migrants who bring critical skills into the country – those who work hard, pay taxes and contribute to funding essential services for Australians.”

The Australian economy is very strong and stable and thus has remained for 25 years without interruption. There are very good opportunities in the labor market for professionals. 

Australia is the country with the best hourly wage in the world, while Brazil is among the countries with the lowest minimum wage. In addition, salaries are usually seven times higher than in Brazil.

Australia has more than 400 professional occupations on the ‘Australian Skilled Shortage List’ among which the position in Architecture is a standout. This occupation has a strong demand and of course it has sources of work for people who are trained to cover them.

Currently, 15,000 Brazilians work and live in Australia, most of which came thanks to the government visa program for work. After four years, Brazilians can apply for Australian nationality.

How to apply

To find out who can be a candidate for a visa that will allow you to work and migrate to Australia, you need to go to Immigrations Australia to undertake the ‘Eligibility Assessment’ which is a questionnaire and will produce eligibility result. This is the starting place to help qualified people fulfil their dream of migrating to Australia. Immigrations Australia also has a Next-Steps Guide designed to help people lodge a successful visa application.

According to the Department of Immigration, Australian migrants initially have an unemployment rate similar in number to Australians born in the country. At 6 months of adaptation, the unemployment rate for migrants in Australia is 5%, and six months later, the unemployment rate for this group decreases to less than half of the previous percentage.

This program has been in operation for almost 60 years and is something permanent that we want to last for many more years.

Learn more about the Australian Skilled Shortage List at Immigrations Australia.

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